On the Cavaliers new uniforms…

If you hadn’t seen them yet, the new Cavs uniforms are pictured below courtesy of NBA.com


They will be officially unveiled at a Cavaliers ‘tweet-up’ party tonight at Cadillac Ranch downtown, so if there ends up being any differences I will update accordingly. 

But as far as my take on these personally, I don’t mind them.  I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of people saying they don’t like them so far today, but I do.  I think they look good.   

When it comes to uniforms, I’m a less is more kind of guy and I think the block letters are a nice change from the scripted font they wore last season (pictured below): 

As far as the color scheme, the wine appears to be actually a wine color too as opposed to the dark red they wore previously which I also like better.  And I know the yellow/gold is a little mustardy, but I think that trim color is a good compliment.

It also makes more sense to me now that the new court has the block letter font to match these new jerseys at half court (pictured below)…


Only I can still do without those two swords. 

Nevertheless though, get your Bobbie Gibson jerseys now before they sell-out.  Go Cavs.

Update:  Austin Carr likes the new jerseys too.  So from what I can tell, that makes two of us.  Me and AC.  Everybody else I talked to doesn’t like them and I have also had people hit me up on twitter to tell me they’re terrible, and ask me how I can like them.  I don’t know I just do, and hopefully they’ll grow on people. 

Below is a picture of Austin Carr holding up the jersey and his comments on them via The Chronicle Online:

 Former Cleveland Cavalier Austin Carr holds up the the Cavs new road uniform yesterday. (AP photo.)

From AC“Those are the colors that have always been in my heart, so I love the new jersey,” former Cavaliers guard and current team broadcaster Austin Carr said. “The intention has always been good over the years with other uniforms here, but they’ve never matched that specific look. These two (home and road) finally do that.”

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