A Look Back Through Cavs History: Mark Price

This past Thursday I happened to bump into and say hello to ex-Cavaliers Coach Mike Fratello at the Feast in Little Italy.  Then on Saturday Glenn Moore, The Ganley Man and I got into a discussion about the best and worst Cavalier players of all time on The Dugout Sports Show.  I may get into some of what we talked about here on this site in the coming days, but as a result of these recent run-ins I’ve found myself in a retro-Cavaliers kinda mood.  So in the spirit of that, I thought I’d go ahead a launch a new series of posts which I’m calling A Look Back Through Cavs History

To kick it off, below is an old school “mixtape” featuring a highlight reel of plays from the most under-rated point guard in NBA History: Mark Price.  Enjoy.



Via: YouTube – Kblaze

That guy was awesome wasn’t he?  A lot of classic plays there, my personal favorite was the one-handed bounce pass he threw between his defenders legs to Larry Nance for the dunk at the 4:16 mark.  Let me know what yours was.

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