Cavs are talking to Quincy Douby

I used to like watching Quincy Douby fill it up in college. When he was posting a Big East best 25 per game back in 2006 for then Rutgers Coach Gary Waters there wasn’t a player in the country I didn’t think he could score on. Some people can get buckets on a nightly basis, but others take the court specifically to get buckets. He was one of those guys back then, a natural born scorer.

He went 19th overall to the Kings in that summer’s draft and it seemed to me his game would translate. Only until it didn’t, or at least it hasn’t yet. He finished up last season playing in Turkey after being waived by the Raptors, but it appears newly extended Cavaliers GM Chris Grant might be a guy that would argue the latter when it comes to debating Quincy Douby’s NBA potential.

Douby spent his first three seasons as a member of the Kings where he played sparingly. He is now hoping to re-enter the Association and he said over the weekend that the Cavaliers are interested.

This per a Hoopsworld report on Saturday:

“Sacramento was in the mix but they’re not interested anymore since they signed Pooh Jeter. My agent is talking to the Suns, Knicks, Cavaliers, and Bulls. We’re trying to see what situation will be the best for me to just get on the team and give a contribution,” he said.

At first glance I liked the idea because I would like to see the Cavalirs add a guy with that scorers mentality. I am almost not even really concerned with the skill set, I just want to take a chance on a guy with that J.R. Smith mindset on the floor next season.  They need to find some points somewhere. There’s about 30 a game missing, plus about another 14 or so that were also created off the pass by a guy who’s not a Cavalier anymore.

Douby was that guy with the propensity to find points in college, which was why I was initially intrigued.   However, he hasn’t been that player yet in his NBA career, and he seems to be focusing on becoming a facilitator now.  Which confused me as it related to the Cavaliers current situation.

More from Douby:

“I’m just still working on my point guard skills,” Douby told HOOPSWORLD. “I’m trying to be a point guard instead of a scorer out there. That’s what I keep being labeled as, just a scorer, because that’s what I did in college. But now I’m just focusing on getting others involved and being a leader out there.”

It confused me because if Douby is now trying to be a PG, why are the Cavaliers interested? The current roster lists Mo, Sessions, Parker and Gibson at the guards, along with G/F’s Joey Graham, Danny Green, and Christian Eyenga. Mo and Sessions are my starting backcourt right now, with Parker and Gibson backing them up. I’m looking at Gibson – who should have his best fit yet – in Byron Scott’s up-tempo offense – as the third point guard if needed, but maybe the Cavaliers aren’t.

Maybe they are interested in Douby for that role, but if they are, who’s not on the roster next season? All that roster speculation will play itself out over the next collection of months I suppose, and its certainly possible that the answer is simply the Cavaliers don’t really have any serious interest in bringing Douby in any further than training camp. But if you subscribe to that thought, I would mention that he does have a lucrative guaranteed deal on the table to play in Europe next season. So I wouldn’t think he would pass on that opportunity for something that’s not fully guaranteed here.

Another possibility could be that somebody currently in the Cavs backcourt is figuring to be moved in some form or fashion.  It’s also possible that the conversations were in response to a theoretical – hey you should take a look at this guy – recommendation from CSU coach Gary Waters.  The Cavs front office is known to respect Waters, and they did give his former CSU guard Cedric Jackson a look for a few weeks last season as well.

For his NBA career the 6’3″ guard has played in 143 games averaging 4.2 points, 1.3 rebounds, and 0.7 assists per game as a member of both the Kings and the Raptors.

We’ll keep our eye on it for you as it develops. I am sure Cavs fans everywhere are on the edge of their seats. Hope the week is off to a good start for you.

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