Cavs trade Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair for Ramon Sessions, Ryan Hollins, and a 2nd rounder

Just after 9pm Monday night Brian Windhorst confirmed that the Cavaliers trade for Ramon Sessions did go through via twitter:

“Cavs have traded Delonte West & Sebastian Telfair to Minny for Ramon Sessions, Ryan Hollins & future second round pick.  Second round pick Cavs get in deal is for 2013.”

On this trade, I did want to add to a few things to what I posted earlier on Monday

This isn’t a blockbuster trade.  This is a trade for Ramon Sessions.  It is a significant move in part, though, because its not like the transactions we’ve seen over the last few years.  As compared to acquiring a big name player with a huge contract on the downside of his career, this time the Cavaliers landed a solid young player, with a moderate price tag, on the upside of his career – hopefully.  

I am also hopeful that Sessions steps in and starts as well, and maybe I’m contradicting myself in saying the Cavs just traded for a starter yet it’s not a blockbuster, but in this case I think these two elements can co-exist.  I think Sessions would team up well with Mo in the backcourt of a Byron Scott offense, and I would like to see those two guys round out a starting line-up with Jamison, JJ, and Andy.  That group (with Jamison at the three) would fly, and I don’t really think there’d be too many NBA teams (especially 4’s or 5’s) that could keep up with those guys.  Could they defend anybody?  Probably not, but it would be fun to watch for a while.

They also wouldn’t have a true center in that proposed fivesome, but maybe Ryan Hollins can grow into that one day.  He averaged six points a game last season (Sessions averaged 8 by the way) and he’s still young.  While he certainly won’t start, he will get some opportunity to play though, tons of it.  The way I see the depth chart as of today – maybe a little early to be talking depth chart but I will anyways – is that not only is he the only true center, but he’s also the third best big behind JJ and Andy.

As far as parting with Sebastian goes, if you read this blog for any length of time you’d know I’m pretty high on Telfair.  Really didn’t like seeing that he was included in the deal, but he was.  Oh well, good luck Bassy on your second tour of duty with the T-Wolves.  I’ll have more on Telfair later this week.

I plan to have more on Delonte later this week as well, but I just wanted to reiterate that I wish Delonte the best of luck in the world.  I hope – if he does get waived – that he gets picked back up somewhere.  I kinda fear there’s a chance he might not, but I do hope he does, and I also believe that he’s got some years left in this league.  I sincerely hope he gets the chance to play them out successfully.  Whether he does or not though, I hope he finds the peace that he deserves off the court.  He’s got a good heart, and while things didn’t ultimately work out the way we once hoped they would, I’ll always remember him for the good days he had around here. 

You’re welcome back anytime Delonte, and just know that Cleveland will always be pulling for you.  Thanks for everything.

Brendan Bowers

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