Setting Things Straight

For those of you who actually follow Stepien Rules regularly – maybe one of the guys at WFNY, College Wolf (hey dude) JTHoopsBlog, Cole Larson and a few others – I bet you guys are pretty much sick of me and Brendan (and at times Amin and the guys) chipping in on our Cavaliers. We kinda step on each others toes a little, agree? I mean, it’s not that we’re not clever enough to think of different angles on aspects involving our Cavs – Brendan is, I’m not that much – but from now on things shall be changing here at Stepien Rules, just a tad…

I’m leaving 95% of the Cavaliers coverage solely in the hands of Brendan, he rocks it out a lot better than I do because 1) He knows the Cavs inside out and more so than me, 2) He has the inside track in that he actually lives in Ohio and 3) I tend not to be that serious in my writing. I joke around a lot, poke fun at people and take a very lighthearted view on things – except that cowardly back stabber who wears number 6 for the Dwyane Wadettes. Here’s why I’ve come to the conclusion, or “decision” if you like…

1.      I don’t want Stepien Rules to be repetitive

2.      I think that by offering a broader scope we’ll attract more readers, which is always good

3.      I won’t get to see our Cavaliers as much as Brendan, so would be basing my info off of box scores and game reports

4.      He’s got way more inside info, connections made up through his time spent blogging, which is always an advantage

5.      He’s just better at talking Cavs than I am, so it makes sense

I’m not completely giving up on reporting on our Cavaliers – I’ll still add in my two cents in every blog I throw up on here, but the amount of entire articles devoted to my beloved Wine and Gold shall be extremely limited, unless any of the following things happen, at which point I will bombard you all with 10,000 word Cavaliers blogs…

1.      We beat the Heat in Miami on a Carmelo Anthony last second jumper over you-know-who

2.      Oh yeah, we acquire Carmelo Anthony in a deadline day trade

3.      JJ Hickson does this 11 times a night, or else this, or this

4.      Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison turn out to be as good as we all hoped (prayed) they would be, and we finish 6th in the East

5.      Danny Green plays more than 30 minutes a game for 10 games in a row

6.      JJ Hickson plays less than 30 minutes a game for 10 games in a row

7.      We sit still at the deadline – despite numerous teams ringing and looking at getting some of our TPE in exchange for Kevin Martin, I mean draft picks

8.      We still keep beating the Lakers

9.      I get hired by Yahoo! Sports

Those 8 things, and those 8 things only – unless it’s some major, unforeseen mammoth occurrence nobody saw coming – will draw me out of Cavalier themed blogs retirement. But fear not loyal readers, there’s plenty of things this year for me to keep you bored with, ample ammunition for me to alienate you from using the Internet entirely, you know, things like these…

1.      Eh, College Basketball…namely Jared “Evan Turner Who?” Sullinger

2.      NBA Rookie watch from yours truly – will John Wall be that good? Is DeMarcus Cousins the next best big, or next Ron Artest? Blake Griffin lasts how many games before he gets hurt again?

3.      Just in general, I intend to poke fun at all things Miami Heat related, even if they do start off the first 41 games 34-7

4.      NBA, NCAA and Basketball news in general

I’m psyched for it, I think it could either make me (doubtful, 16% chance) or break me as a basketball blogger (probable, 80% chance). The other 4%, well, I’m leaving that fall into the category of “number of readers lost by Stepien Rules due to David’s meaningless, long winded blogs”. It’s going to be fun, entertaining and different if anything. I hope you’ll tag along for the ride…

Before I Go

Joe Tait has returned home, I’m sure that brought smiles to all our faces.

Would Michael Jordan score 100 points in today’s NBA? Depends. Is he playing Golden State? Does he have the same surrounding cast as he did in his heyday, or does he have Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah? Answer me them things, and I’ll still tell you that I just don’t know if he’d notch 100.

You could hear the simultaneous gasp when it was announced Blake Griffin got hurt, but fear not Clippers – it’s only a small knock. For now…


Toronto dropped 121 points on Phoenix, getting 50 points from the trio of Amir Johnson (totally worth that monster contract), Jarrett Jack and Sonny Weems. And they say pre-season games are no indication of how the regular season will turn out… can’t you totally see the Raptors dropping 121 points night in night out? Yep, me too…

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