Tough Times

Things are pretty dim and gloomy right now around the Q. Players are upset about their roles (more on that in a minute), the coach is starting to show signs of the strain brought on by an 8 game losing streak and pundits and “experts” are being made look correct by us failing to play anything that resembles basketball. Of the 8 games we have now lost on the trot, there are truly only four I’m upset about, as there were only four games from this eight game stretch that I had us winning. I had the Celtics, Wade-ettes, Bulls and Thunder beating us. Truth be told, if you were given that 8 game run before it started you’d have said the same thing too. The road losses to the hapless Pistons, inconsistent Rockets, budding 76ers and the fricking Timberwolves are the ones that get under my skin. Wednesday night in Miami will more than likely result in us stretching this unfortunate streak to 9, and it doesn’t get any easier for the remainder of December. There are a lot of things not clicking right now, Coach Scott has some ideas, Brendan has his opinion and I’m sure somewhere Kirk – while obviously elated over the form of Ohio State right now – is cringing. My take on things? It comes down to three words – personality, responsibility and ability.

Mo Williams – whether we like it or loathe it, is our main guy right now – and I’m wondering has he got the personality required to be that kinda guy? Sure its great launching up threes when LeBron is already after getting 40 and the game is over, but how about when we’re down at home to the Bulls by two? I give him props for that game winner aginst the Bucks, it showed balls and showed he might just have the personality needed to take a team on his back and carry it, kinda maybe.

JJ Hickson – the most uniquely talented guy we’ve had on our roster not named LeBron in God knows how long – needs to quit his bitching about not being a starter. Play like a starter, you’ll be a starter. In the last month, our main threat down low has reached double figures just twice. TWICE. His leaping ability and explosiveness off his first step should guarantee at least 10 points a night alone, but can he handle the responsibility of being that guy at such a young age? After all, theoretically he should still be in College.

Anthony Parker, Jawad Williams, Ryan Hollins, Jamario Moon and Joey Graham – are these the guys whose ability will guide us through this gruesome stretch of results?

I fully trust Byron Scott is good enough to get this ship going in the right direction; I fully trust Dan Gilbert will spend the cash necessary, I fully trust the Cavaliers faithful supporters to keep backing the team. I just hope it happens…

OJ Mayo

Brendan seems to have a man crush on the guy lately, rumour has it he’s started an internet petition labelled “Cavs with a splash of Mayo” where he’s asking 1,000 Cavs fans to sign up so he can present it to Gilbert at the next home game he’ll be lucky enough to attend. My uneducated take on this is if I can get OJ Mayo without giving up Andy, Mo, JJ, more than one good draft pick and more than a reasonable chunk of our TPE I do it. I get OJ Mayo; I tell him from day one he’s my guy. I put the franchise on his back, I tell him we’ll live and die by you. You develop into the player everyone thought you would become in high school and we’ll surround you with the guys you’ll need. He might not be number 23, but let’s face it there won’t ever be another number 23. Do I expect us to get Mayo? No, not really. Do I think we’ll get in the mix if you do become available (as reports are strongly suggesting)? Yes, yes I do.

Q: If you were to pick any player in the NBA to get on this Cavs team to help turn it around, who would it be and why? – Scott, Ohio.

A: I thought about this, and went through the following guys. Rondo – sure, not a bad option but can he actually take a mediocre squad to elite status? CP3 – he’s done well with a bunch of under average guys before, so maybe. Kobe – no, for the obvious reasons. Howard – sure yeah he’s the most unguardable guy in the NBA, but can he be that consistent go to guy? I thought about Dirk, Durant, Williams, Carmelo, Roy…basically everybody, I even considered LeBron until I remembered how he stunk the place out against Boston last June. To answer your question, I don’t actually know whom I’d choose. It’d be a toss up between Howard, Williams and probably Durant.

If those guys fail, maybe we’ll luck into this fella…

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