Trade Talk Predictions, and a question from Z: So LeBron, can I get those DVD’s back?

Chemistry questions if no deal gets done…

My reasons in past posts for the Cavaliers to stand pat at this trade deadline revolved around my thought that the Cavaliers would have to move too many pieces of an already potent puzzle to add a player of significant value to the mix.  By significant value, I don’t mean Troy Murphy and I don’t mean Corey Maggette, but more like players on the level of an Amar’e Stoudemire or an Antawn Jamison.  Even with the reports indicating that the Cavaliers could be able to move Hickson and Z for Stoudemire, I still don’t see how that’s enough for Phoenix to end up going for the deal – even if Danny Ferry and Steve Kerr are bff’s.  But at this point, whether a trade ends up happening or not, the Cavaliers team chemistry will be challenged.

There has been a lot of talk to not break up this current roster because of team chemistry.  While I have not made that claim specifically, I do buy into that line of thinking to some extent, though its not a deal-breaker for me.  That said, and just a question, if team chemistry is a concern of yours at this point, would it be fair to argue that even if no trade is made team chemistry has already been disrupted some?  I mean, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and JJ Hickson read the same reports on Sunday morning that we all did: ‘LeBron has signed off on the deal to trade his teammates Z and Hickson.’

Not that we should feel bad for these million dollar pros, but seven footers have feelings too you know.  And not only did they read the report that said your teammate and friend LeBron James is making moves to get rid of you behind the scenes, they also heard as much from a reporter – in Windhorst – that they know personally and trust to be reporting the facts.  That part of it is something you don’t see often with professional sports trades – the best player on the team publicly lobbying to trade his teammates – and I wonder, what happens to the chemistry of that locker room if no deal ends up getting done.  And oh yeah, if Z does get sent out to Phoenix, he’s going to want those DVD’s back for sure, and no more handshakes.

My trade deadline prediction…

The Chris Broussard’s and Brian Windhorst’s of the world aside, it seems to me what a lot of these other media members do come trade deadline time is simply make up predictions based on what they hear and read – same things we hear and read – and on the off-chance they’re right its passed off as if they broke a story that nobody else had.  Guess their mailman really is friends with Danny Ainge’s doorman after all.  So my sources aside, since I don’t have any, I’ve offered my StepienRules prediction on the Cavs trade deadline below. 

I think the Cavaliers want Antawn Jamison first and foremost, and they would like to get him for the price that Danny Ferry pays for all his trade: nothing.  To me, there’s too many questions with Stoudemire – the main one of which being his contract status – for Ferry to be comfortable moving for him. 

If a sign and trade’s on the table?  Well that’s different.  And if LeBron adamantly wants this done, then by all means, trade away.  But assuming LeBron would be just as happy with Jamison, I think Ferry’s playing up this whole Stoudemire thing to see if he can get the Wizards to blink.  Additionally, for what Danny Ferry’s reportedly offering, there’s no way Steve Kerr can make that trade and keep his job.  If he’s trying to dump salary, why not just let Amar’e walk at the end of the year?  If he’s trying to get assets in return for the starting All Star center in the West, JJ Hickson?  Really?  I could see Z, JJ and Delonte possibly if your the Suns, but Delonte’s not on the block reportedly.  Andre Igoudala for Stoudemire makes sense too if your Phoenix, but I just don’t know how Steve Kerr can make this current deal without a wink-wink agreement to play shooting guard for the Cavs next season because he won’t be GM of the Suns. 

And as for the Wizards, if you were going to build around one guy that you currently had on your roster his name was Caron Butler, and you just traded him.  You’re not re-building around Antawn Jamison, not in this decade, and you’re not fooling anybody acting like you are either.  Jamison has a lot of dollars on the books over the next two years, and there’s no way the Wiz want to pay him that.  In the end, I say Ferry wins the stare-down contest with Washington and its Jamison for Z straight up, with the possibility of Z re-signing after 30-days.  That’s if any deals made at all.  At least, any deal that involves all parties keeping their respective jobs next season.  But then again, what do I know, I don’t have any sources.

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