Tuesday’s Musings

Allen Iverson looks set to lace ‘em up in Turkey next year, if reports stemming from Yahoo! Sports are to be believed. The deal could top $2 million annually, which includes bonuses, the base salary being $1.5 million. The funniest part if this whole ordeal for me has to be Iverson’s insistence that the most he can be fined is 1% of his salary, as opposed to the 10% levy Besiktas would like to impose per fine. It’s almost as if AI has just said, “Hey, I might not practice, I might not show up some nights, but there’s no way in hell you guys are taking $150,000 off of me for doing so.” But he’s ok with losing the mere $15,000 the 1% clause would draw. Don’t you just love Allen Iverson?

Please tell me you read Marc J. Spears’ piece on DeMarcus Cousins? Man, this kid is p-u-m-p-e-d up. And I quote, “But I can’t wait to play them because I’m going at their necks, especially the big that got picked before me”. Them being the Nets, the big being Derrick Favors. Cousins added, “I’m trying to see what’s so special…” after watching Favors tally 4 points and 1 rebound against Phily. Spears goes on to make the valid point that New Jersey’s best player is Brooke Lopez – a center. Cousins is a center, so why draft him when you have the potentially brilliant Favors available as your future power forward? Still though, Sacramento v New Jersey just got a whole lot more interesting.

Jeff Pendergraph, Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla. Three reasons why the Lakers love their three-headed monster of Odom-Gasol-Bynum so much. With LA, you only have Bynum as your injury concern, with Portland…well, it speaks for itself. And until the season arrives where that isn’t the case, or until they package some guys and get a reliable, young center, don’t look for Portland to advance from the West anytime soon.

Down to a trim 285lbs, well as trim as 285lbs can look, Renardo Sidney is eager for his freshman campaign to start with Mississippi State. After receiving around $12,000 in Reebok gear during his high school days he missed the whole of last season, but know it seems he’s eligible, and he wants it. If those two things are genuinely the case, he could go top three in the 2011 NBA Draft. If the stories we hear are just lies and hype, well then we’ll understand why UCLA and USC walked away from the talented but volatile big man.

If my agent cost me 50k over some “me being home sick” comments, which are basically sugar coated trade demands, I’d be pretty pissed. I’d rather have my agent picking up the phone and seeking out trade partners, not talking about it and costing me money. But hey, that’s just me; I’m not Rudy Fernandez.

The Orlando Magic beat the New Orleans Hornets 135-81. Just saying…

I like to empathise with Toronto fans; after all we’re pretty much in the same boat as them. They lost Bosh to the Heat, we lost James. Bosh is nowhere near the talent James is, but to Toronto, he was their LeBron. It’s only when people talk up the Raptors and talk down the Cavs I like to pick flaws and explain why the Raptors could finish 21-61 this season. I just don’t get it how people can say we’ll be as bad as them, it’s laughable. Almost as laughable as Amir Johnson being your starting power forward, Toronto fans. But I’m not here to start an argument, it’s just how do you figure you guys bounce back from being the 27th worst defensive team when you lost your best defender?

How are people ignoring the Magic? It’s something I’ve said for a while now, but they are every bit as good as the Miami Heat. In fact, they are world-class in areas the Heat are mediocre. They can shoot, they can defend, they can do it all. Fair enough, have Miami as your number one in the East, but don’t be surprised is Orlando represents the East come June.

Just had a quick Twitter browse. Of the guys I follow, and the Tweets I get sent to me, I reckon there must have been 39 of them that was a variation of, “Samardo Samuels – pass the damn ball!!!” Seriously, Sam Amick, Rick from WFNY, there’s been entire articles dedicated to Samuels and his rookie ways. My take? Sure he needs to pass out of the post once in a while, but he’s a rookie, he’s 20 years old, he’s 6’8″ playing against guys two and three inches taller than him, let him figure it out. Let him work out the flaws, let Coach Scott yell at him some more – it’s going to be worth it in the end, trust me.

Before I go, well wishes go to the one and only Joe Tait who is suffering from Pneumonia. Our thoughts are with you, get well soon Joe.

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