Video: LeBron returns to Q with Mo Williams and exchanges vulgar pleasantries with Cavs during warm-ups

Below is video I shot last night of Mo Williams and LeBron James arriving at the metal detectors to enter the Q last night at the exact same time.  A number of Cavaliers had already walked by at this point.  Ryan Hollins, Antawn Jamison, Anthony Parker, all by themselves.  Z had already arrived about the same time as Bosh, Coach Spo walked through by himself as well at this point.

Now as a sidenote, for some reason I felt it necessary to talk kinda to the guy next to me and kinda to myself as I was taping this.  First night out with the Flip Cam, it’s a learning process, I’ll be quiet next time. 

Anyways, at this point everybody knew it was LeBron that was coming through next.  Security had tightened up significantly.  So I knew he was coming, and was surprised to see Mo enter at the same time.  If it’s unclear, what I said is below the video.

So I said: “And he’s with Mo Williams.  That’s bizarre.”  

I have no idea whatsoever if they actually came together or what.  I just know they walked in together.  So by bizarre, it is either a bizarre coincidence that these two guys specifically arrived at the same time, or it is bizarre that Mo would accompany him into the building on this night. 

I also mumbled to myself “LeBron don’t look ready for it.”   Ummmmm, yeah, good call ace.  I was sorta wrong about that.  Definitely need to get working on that silent thing while “filming.”

Later on though I did just that.  No comments to be heard from me on this one.  I also cannot type out the transcript of LeBron’s friendly exchange with Chris Jent and the fellas either due to the fact that this is a family site.  Here it is though.

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