VIDEO: TNT crew takes court in CLE to massive ovation…as do Cavs with score still tied

Years ago, the remotely negative critiques of a certain small forward offered by Charles Barkley were enough for his picture to be used to generate boos on the jumbotron at Quicken Loans Arena.  That was years ago though, now he’s a legend.   

I shot this video standing courtside on Thursday, just behind the TNT set. 

Charles Barkley is rock star…

The Cavs had the opportunity to be rock stars too for a minute.  

Standing by the Cavs tunnel awaiting the squad to take the floor, I still can’t believe the energy level in that building.  It was crazy loud.  P-Diddy and the fam bumping Victory in the background, towels waving everywhere, twenty some odd thousand screaming, untill…welll…anyways. 

It was still cool in the beginning…

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