Back by popular demad…The Wine and Gold Podcast

By popular demand I suppose I could mean that both Glenn and I are looking forward to doing the show again this season.  I really don’t have any specific data to reference that would suggest the masses of Cavs Nation calling for our show’s return for this, the second consecutive season, but I’m sure said data is out there somewhere. 

Whether it is or isn’t though, we are indeed back.  Glenn Moore and I are planning to record our preview show on Tuesday.  We’ll be previewing the Cavs as well as the NBA in general during the first show, and I’ll have more details for you on that early in the week.

Also throughout the week here at Stepien Rules, we’ll be ramping up our Cavs talk in anticipation of this seasons’ opening tip, so get off on the right track this season by checking in with us here daily going forward.

For now, check in with me at Waiting For Next Year as I’m manning the controls this weekend.  I have a post up this morning on J.J. Hickson and this season’s playbook. 

An excerpt from that – No Excuse for Hickson to not learn playbook this season – is as follows:

It really is annoying at this point that J.J. appears disinterested enough in learning the playbook to cause Byron Scott to call him out on it.  I do understand that these are the types of things that coaches do, and hopefully he will push the buttons necessary to motivate Hickson to grow in this area, but it’s annoying that he has to. 

Byron Scott’s offense can practically be named after J.J. Hickson.  It’s design capitalizes specifically on the abilities of Hickson.  He could theoretically play twelve more seasons in the NBA in twelve different systems and not have a better opportunity to capitalize on his abilities offensively than he does right now in Byron Scott’s offense.  It’s not too much to ask that he tries to learn the plays.

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