What if it was Mike Brown who lost 12 of last 13?

Furthermore, what if Mike Brown was the coach right now and the Cavaliers had the EXACT same results as they’ve had so far this season? All final scores the same, the lay down against Miami at home, brains blown out against Minnesota for example as an encore to that give-up job at home, all of what we’ve seen from this team so far this season.  What if it was under Mike Brown’s watch?    

How mad would you be at Mike Brown right now if that was the case, Cleveland?

When I asked this same question on twitter during the game on Wednesday, ‘beserk’ was a quality response I received.  One which I feel sums it up quite adequately actually (thanks @Susie_B_).  

I mean, you think Mangini is on the hot seat right now?  Think he has it rough?  If Mike Brown was the coach, and he was coming back to Cleveland tonight after dropping another one to an Atlanta team on Wednesday (98-84) that didn’t even try to beat the Cavs and still did by 14, he would need more security at the Q than they had for LeBron’s return at the next home game.

I’m just saying. 

Not really a point here, this was just a place my mind drifted as I sat watching the Cavaliers drop another one without even really minding that they did.  It’s officially now a 10-game losing streak, an OT win, and then back to back losses.  They’ve lost 12 of 13, the team is absolutely horrible, and their leader in that propensity to be awful category is undeniably Jawad Williams. 

And real quick before I jump back to the head coach here – Jawad Williams is without question the worst player in the entire NBA of all players currently on the active roster.  But not only does he stink, he doesn’t care that he stinks, which is the worst part. 

He played over 10 minutes tonight, went 1 of 6, played 0 defense, commited a foul, turned it over once, had an assist, and then sat back down hopefully for the rest of the season.  Never did I think I would pine for the day that Joey Graham was healthy again, but I really do hope that guy gets back soon.

To be clear on my point to open though, I do like Byron Scott. He is a very good coach, and I trust him with this rebuild going forward completely.  I just think – generally – we sold Mike Brown the head coach a little short in what he was able to do here.  Would he have lost 12 of 13 this season?  Would he have lost 10 straight?  Would the team be this bad on D? 

Byron Scott can X and O Mike Brown right out the gym on offense, no question there.  But there also aren’t any X’s to combat the opposing O’s on this team offensively right now. They would need to play a tich better defense because of this then, no?  

But maybe that’s just why we don’t fully appreciate Byron yet because he doesn’t have the pieces to work with.  Which is also why we give him a pass.  It is tough to draw up a winning play when your guys can’t throw it in Lake Erie.  And it is also tough when you do practice and draw up a play and then the guy with the ball in the fourth quarter decides that he doesn’t feel like….oh never mind. 

Regardless of all that, tonight Antawn Jamison did shoot it okay, only everyone else didn’t.  Jamsion was 10 of 16 for 23 points to go along with 7 rebounds.  Not bad, congrats, way to bounce back from last game.  And Andy kept up his habit of boarding – 13 – while Mo again led the team in assists – 8.  But check out this stat from the remainder of the starting five:

Mo, Gibson, Varejao, and Parker shot a combined 16 of 46 from the floor.  That’s 34%.  The Hawks – led by Joe Johnson who had 23 on 9 of 17 shooting – shot 45 % combined as a starting unit outside Joe.  Horford had 18, Marv Williams 17, and Josh Smith 16.

So that’s it, Cavs lose again.  I am going to the game on Sunday…just thought I’d mention that for no reason really. 

Brendan Bowers

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