What should Cavs fans do now?

The wheels are kinda falling off the track right now. The only reason I wouldn’t say they’re completely off already after watching this “appearance they made in Detroit tonight” is because the Cavaliers are only 20 games into the season at this point.  

Seven and thirteen is not at all a good record, but it’s not the worst record in the NBA either at the moment.

However, the brand of basketball these Cavs are “playing” right now over the last four games certainly does wreak of a team who is planning to capture the worst record in the NBA by season’s end.  They’re real bad.  

The encore to the Debacle – is that what we’re calling Thursday now btw? I’ve seen and heard this used a couple times, not sure who coined it, but I think it works – on both Saturday and Sunday night, against two teams who stink (MIN, DET), is an extremely depressing response from this team.   

They are playing like a collection of guys who have no heart, no pride, and no talent.  They don’t appear to care at all about that either.

The causal Cavs fans are gone now as a result, if they didn’t already leave on Thursday.  So all that’s left here in Cavaliers nation are diehard Cavs fans like you who are making a much appreciated stop by this blog of ours.  Count me amongst this group of Cavaliers diehards, and count Glenn Moore amongst them as well. 

He speaks for all of us, sort of, when he poses the question in the video below – what should I do?

From the post game press conference with LeBron on Thursday:


Glenn never did get a microphone passed his way during the presser, so his hard hitting question did not end up being asked.  Unfortunately.

To conclude, I don’t really know what we’re supposed to do about this dose of reality these last four games have forced us to swallow either, if you’re wondering.  That’s why I’m asking.  Keep moving forward I suppose.  However, I am all for blowing this roster completely up though, now.  I’ve accepted that recently.

And suggested the application of dynamite on Saturday morning over at Waiting For Next Year in order to do so.  An excerpt if you missed that:

On paper, I really thought they could win 41 games.  Maybe I was just trying to make myself believe that. Maybe I thought that if they did respond that way on the basketball court this season, after all that’s transpired off it,  the Cavaliers organization would send some type of message about Cleveland.  A message sent by actions as opposed to words, which reads: we’re still here, we’re still fighting. For some reason I thought that would matter.  Only this team doesn’t fight, and it’s tough to believe that bothers them.   [Read full entry]   

All for now…hope your week gets off to a great start.

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