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As of this morning there were about 4,000 people camped out in Akron in an attempt to convince LeBron to stay a Cavalier next season…and the good news here is they did not decide to collaborate on a song…no word yet on whether James will show or not:  Fans turn out early for LeBron James Appreciation Day in AkronCleveland.com, James Ewinger

And whether or not he shows up, let’s not be so quick to assume he’s lost interest in the Cavaliers.  In commenting on a report from Brian Windhorst, Ryne Nelson over at SLAM said this morning: “LeBron is merely doing his due diligence…To assume he’s lost interest in the Cavs is ignorance”Cavs and LeBron ARE TalkingSLAM Online, Ryne Nelson

As for the Celtics, the game seven loss may have been the last attempt for glory as one of the greatest chapters in Boston basketball history now appears to be coming to a close.  That’s right, the Brian Scalabrine era just might be over:  Game 7 may have been the end of an era for the Boston CelticsBall Don’t Lie, Trey Kirby

But on the other-hand, one era that is just getting started is the ‘Ron Artest World Champion’ era.  Shouts out to Ron-Ron, and to be honest, I’ve found myself pulling for him over the last few years…and I’m also pulling for more Ron-Ron interviews just like these:  Ron Artest Post Game Comments and PresserThe Hoop Doctors, Dr. Anklesnap

And on that title won by Ron, ex-Cavs 1st rounder Shannon Brown, and Kobe, I can’t help but think back to that Christmas Day game when I watched Mo Williams roll, the twin towers of Shaq and Z seem formidable, and LeBron appear to be now better than Bryant.  But that was Christmas, and this is June, congrats to the Lakers:  The Sweet Repeat, Brought to you by the Los Angeles LakersMidwest Sports Fans, Devon

So now that the NBA season is officially over, its time to get your draft game on.  And even though – as of now – the Cavaliers are slated to enter Thursday evening sans a selection, I’m still pumped for draft night, and I’ll be weighing in next week on it here myself.  But for now, the big board, from our friends up in Minnesota:  TWolves Blog 2010 NBA Draft Big BoardTWolves Blog, College Wolf

If you missed it last Friday, check out our friend DiLo’s conversation with UNLV Coach – and former college to the NBA coach – Lon Kruger:  Thunder Chat: Lon KrugerThunder Treats, DiLo

From Wednesday, thoughts on the LeBron speculation circus, and an excerpt of that twitter tirade from Buzz Bissinger directed towards the guy he wrote a book with last summer:  LeBron James and the Psychology of Media and InformationWaiting For Next Year, Andrew

And to add some overseas flavor, a look at Patty Mills’ Australian team as they prepare to open a series against Argentina in the World Championships competition:  Nathan Jawai joins Boomer for Argentina SeriesA Stern Warning, Mookie

Lastly, a congratulatory link to our buddy Don, who earlier this year caught a lot of grief when he jumped in our chat room during a couple Wine and Gold Pregame Podcasts repping the Lakers, on a World Championship for the team he blogs about…I so wonder what that feels like:  Amazing, amazing – #16With Malice, Don

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