Good or Bad Weekend?

I can’t decide on it, can you? For me, personally I’d say it’s somewhere between finding a $50 on the floor and banging your thumb with a hammer. Whatever that grey space is in between those two feelings (it’s probably the feeling of getting the new hammer you needed so badly with money that isn’t yours) is what we should feel after the weekend. It started like most weekends, on a Friday. We were up against the wannabe/upstart Hawks. The young-ish pretenders came to the Q wanting to send out a playoff message to the big guns of the East, but along with 13 of their 18 three pointers, it fell short. Victory was made even sweeter with the fact that the Spurs (more on them in a minute) handed the Orlando Three Point Shooters a loss and guaranteed us the top seed overall in our conference. With the way we’re performing at the Q again this year that will be vital to our success. Sure, we thought that last season also, but you have to remember Mo Williams got kidnapped right around the time of the Orlando series, so having a point guard this time around will be fun. Speaking of Mo, he was the Mo we know and love Friday night, going for 24 points while his counterpart Mike Bibby tallied 5.

Saturday was NCAA Tournament day for the Cavs, you just know our guys tuned in at some point to check out Butler and Gordon Hayward topple the Spartans of Michigan State. That side of the bracket was just nuts really wasn’t it? Hands up if you had that semi final picked! I’ve a confession to make; I picked Duke to win the whole lot from the start. Honest. I wouldn’t lie to you. The $20 I have on them at 11/2 is so close to being money in the bank I can almost feel it. But anyways, back to the Cavs…


Sunday was cool for two reasons – it was Easter Sunday, which means my mother makes an extra special dinner so I travel to her house for that, and the Cavs locked horns with our “beloved” Celtics. I honestly feel the beef there is the fact that A) We kinda looked on in envy at their title run considering we could/should have beaten them that series in ‘08 B) They know our core is young and only just starting to bloom, whereas three of their starting five combine to tally an age almost hitting 100 and C) They still don’t forgive us for not making a harder push for Rasheed “Man Boobs” Wallace and they ended up getting him. I’d be pretty ticked off at us too if I were them. Oh yeah, the game. 22-point deficit…in the third quarter. Coach Brown ejected, the Cavs looking flat and limp. Enter Sheed. Now, when Sheed played with Detroit he had this habit of knocking down a random, out of nowhere three that would just break our backs. He did it almost every game at the Palace when the Pistons, you know, actually mattered in the East. Now with Boston, he gets T’ed up, Doc Rivers takes him out of the game and he goes ballistic. They have a little lovers tiff on the sideline, but it’s all sorted out when Rivers pulls out a Snickers from his pocket and gives it to Wallace. But that argument did something else, it woke up the Cavs from hibernation. LeBron went off on the Celtics in the fourth and we took the lead on an Anthony Parker field goal with three to play. I still totally disagree with LeBron’s choice of shot on that now decisive fastbreak. If he went all the way to the rack, he was almost guaranteed to get the bucket and the foul. It’s LeBron, that’s what he does. Instead he pulled up for the “Rasheed Wallace Back Breaking” three that was just short. Now, I’m not one to question the Messiah that is LeBron, but he could have done a little better on that play.


He also could have had more than his game high 42. Scratch that could actually and put in should. He definitely should have had more than his 42. He went 14-31 from the floor, which is like something you used to see Kobe do in LA. It’s not an efficient night, and when you consider that the other four who started the game took a combined 33 shots, it makes for tough viewing. The King went 0-9 from beyond the arc, and 14-22 from the stripe. We lost a game in which we trailed by 22 in the third by a mere four points. That was with the shooting woes tangled in amongst the overall brilliance that was LeBron James. That was with our point guard (who was 6-6 from the floor) not playing in the fourth. We lost by four points on the road to an elite team without out two key seven footers and while shooting 65% from the charity stripe. Ray Allen isn’t going to get you 33 every night in a seven game series come June.


The sweet part of the night? The Spurs beat the Fakers, handing us the number one overall seed and home court for the entire playoffs. Sweet…By the way, check out those Spurs lately!! Us, Orlando and LA in the past week? Manu is going to get PAID!! So while our playoff-seed-determining weekend went according to plan, performances may have been better. But hey, would you care if we lost our last five games by double digits if, come June, there’s 7 seconds left, down by one and LeBron has the ball in his hands with a chance to win it all? Thought so…


PS – Big shout out to Elton Brand. The cap-crippling power forward of the 76ers who lied to poor old Baron Davis, grabbed a jaw dropping 0 rebounds this past weekend. You earned the crap out of your paycheck this week Elton…

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