Z moving DVD business to MIA, Cavs sign Lowry

Zydrunas Ilgauskas signs with the Heat:

When I first heard the report about Zydrunas Ilgauskas signing with the Miami Heat for the veterans minimum I was initially upset.  I thought thanks for teaming up with that guy big Z, after all we’ve been through as Cavaliers fans.  But the more I thought about it, I decided that if I was Z, I would probably do the same thing.  From the Cavaliers perspective, there’s no way he’s in any capacity a part of this re-building process for one, and two, just think about the year he had last season.  He was an expendable piece, and as such was traded, and then when the Cavs got him back he went on to play only sixty-nine total minutes in the entire playoffs.  The Cavaliers didn’t really need him on the roster last season, and they definitely don’t need him this time around.  From his perspective, his best opportunity to play next season is to join a team that desperately needs to fill out a 12-man roster, and he happens to have that option in Miami.  He also has a great chance for a ring, unfortunately, and when you add all that together it pretty much seems like a no-brainer. 

Now basketball aside, there is the issue of loyalty to the Cavaliers organization and its fans, and there’s no denying that in some ways this move to Miami can be felt as a follow up shot to the gut in some respects.  But I’m going to chose to not view it that way, because I have no more energy for that kind of stuff anymore.  I’m not going to talk about how Z might have made this move in part to spite the owner, Dan Gilbert, a guy that traded him and let his friend Danny Ferry walk out of the organization amidst a summer of chaos recently.  Nor do I want to talk about how Gordon Gund’s Cavaliers is probably the organization where Ilgauskas’ true loyalties may lye, and that the actual person that stood by him through those injury plagued seasons is now five years removed from ownership of the team either.  And I’m also not going to talk about how Z probably didn’t take the fans into all that much consideration prior to making his decision, because most likely he could have cared less.  Z was a good guy, wore the Cavs uni well, and was a good person to have in Cleveland…and now he’s gone too.  Its as simple as that for me.  So best of luck to you Z, I hope you never win a ring.

Cavaliers sign Kyle Lowry to offer sheet:

The Cavs have signed Houston Rockets guard Kyle Lowry to an offer sheet and the Rockets have now seven days to match.  It is reportedly a 3-year deal with a player option for a fourth year and could be worth up to $24 million.  So a few things on this.  First, Lowry’s good, and he would improve the Cavaliers in the backcourt, especially defensively.  He’s a tough player, rebounds, plays defense, can create for others and scores the basketball as well.  NBA fans are aware of all this, and they’re also aware of the fact that he plays behind Aaron Brooks.  Could he be a starter in this league given the right situation?  I imagine so.  But I also imagine that the Rockets will match this offer.  I can’t see letting him walk for these dollars, and that’s why I’m not getting too excited about it at this point.  If they end up not matching though?  I’ll have more on that when it happens, only I will say now that if this deal does go through I expect one of the following Cavaliers guards currently on the roster – Mo, Delonte, or Telfair – to be dealt as well.  So we will see what happens from here, but Lowry would be a solid move and a quality young point guard that would be able to both contribute next season, as well as hopefully be part of a rebuilding process.  Fingers cross I suppose. 

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