Pick up copy of first annual Cavs Zine on opening night

Be sure to find a copy of the first annual “Cavs Zine” on opening night, being distributed around Quicken Loans Arena prior to tip-off.  Cavs fan and avid Cavs twitterer @WayneEmbrysKids is spearheading this effort, and when he asked me to write something for it I was excited to contribute.  Prior to getting involved I wasn’t sure what a Zine was, but I’ve since learned that before there were blogs, punk bands typed out what they wanted to say, taped it into a zine, spent the night at a photocopy place, stapled it together and mailed it out, dropped off copies at record stores, or sold them at shows.

70s-80s-cavs-logo.gif CAVS image by THEAT1

He asked me to write about J.J. Hickson for it,  which I did and sent over last week with my fingers crossed hoping it was okay.  I hoped so because I know the rest of the thing’s going to be solid for sure based on the people involved.  I got a chance to read what national writer, author, and native Clevelander Scott Raab wrote for the zine over the weekend and his piece is just about as badass as it gets. 

I haven’t read anything else from it yet, but am looking forward to doing so because the others involved include an all star cast of Cavs commentators.  Those contributors include Justin from Concede330, Alex from PodCAVS, Kirsten from Lebromageddon, Ben Cox from BenjaminCoxBlogspot, Scott Sargent from Waiting For Next Year, as well as @WayneEmbrysKids himself. 

So get yourself a copy if you’re lucky on opening night.  It will be free, and awesome.

If you want to get involved and help distribute copies of this first annual “Cavs Zine” hit @WayneEmbrysKids up on twitter, or shoot him an email.

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