Cavs lose an extremely boring game 109-99

I have never attended a Cavs game and been as bored as I was on Wednesday night watching the Tony Parker-less Spurs sleep-walk through a double-digit win over the Varjeo/Jamison/Gibson/Baron/Semih-less Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night. 

No disrespect to the LegendOfSamardo intended there either.

Monster night by Samuels to be sure as he went for team-highs of 23 points and 10 rebounds.  More than a couple of those baskets were scored directly over Tim Duncan too it’s worth noting who – while he did appear as if he wanted no part in having to participate in Wednesday’s affair – is also the greatest PF to ever play in this here Association.  So well done, Samardo.

I did kinda come in hoping for a better showing by Skyenga though.  I saw a couple fans rocking Skyenga Jerseys in the concourse on my way in and thought yep, karma.  It seemed the stars were aligning just right for a bounce back game after the goose-egg for Skyenga, but it wasn’t really.

I mean I guess it was, he did finish with 11, but I was hoping he’d make an impact early and it took him until the late rally in the 4th to get going.  But to be honest, by better showing I mean I hoped he would take the game completely over and lead the Cavaliers to victory so it’s probably better I was given a reason to temper that ridiculously carried away enthusiasm moving forward. Expect more on Skyenga tomorrow in any event though.

Another one of my guys did make his debut tonight which was kinda cool.  By that I am obviously referring Luke Harangody.  Gody is the only one of these recently traded players who’s suited up yet, and he went for 2 points in 8 minutes of action.  

No Semih Erden tonight, Baron is not rumored to play until this Friday now or possibly Sunday, so it was only the ND alum who made his Cavaliers debut tonight all alone which consisted of playing time in the first half only.  I did see Luke grabbing his side during a time-out in the 2nd quarter though not that I’m sure that had anything to do with him not getting back into the game at this point.


So while I hoped Harangody would score twenty along with Skyenga, Wednesday’s game appeared just to be a get-your-feet-wet-type-game for the newly acquired big fella.  So stay tuned, plenty more to come as this new Era of Gody basketball is just barely getting going here in Cleveland.  I think he’ll be real solid here, and he will be the next Cavaliers player I interview too in case anybody cares. 

I mean beyond that, I don’t know really what else there is to talk about.  It’s games like tonight that make me really respect beat writers. 

What’s the story of any genuine interest coming from this one really?  Samuels I guess?  Harangody’s debut?  JJ Hickson going 3 for 10 after people like me declared over the weekend that he has officially turned the corner for sure?  Daniel Gibson’s “quad” injury?  The fact that there was a substitute PA announcer tonight?  Maybe that Peyton Hillis was at the game with my boy Joe Orvec?

I don’t know.  Sorry about that outburst of questions, and sorry I forgot to mention Alonzo Gee by now too.  Because he was that other “story” tonight.  18 points, 7 boards, 37 minutes, started in place of Skyenga – who did not hang his head though to be sure – and shouts out to Alonzo who took advantage of that opportunity tonight.  

Gee had more points than Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobilli, and Richard Jefferson on Wednesday, and if it all ended next week for the guy, that is specifically the type of thing I’d tell my grandchildren if I was him.  Nobody will ever remember how boring the game was.

All for now.

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