Skyenga scores two as Dan Gilbert & Kelly Dwyer exchange tweets

Dave Wooley is taking some time off from tracking Skyenga’s rise through the record books to head out to Vegas today for the first round of the NCAA tournament.  I tell myself every year that I need to go that weekend, but I never do. Never actually even been to Vegas ever in fact.  Not Winning, I know.  Maybe I’ll Plan Better and go next year. 

Anyways, Wooley left us with this parting note via email before boarding his plane: 

“Skyenga didn’t pass anyone again last night.  He only scored two points in 20 minutes.  But the good news is that the Cavs won so that’s nice.  He is only two points behind 168th place, but now Samardo Samuels is only 10 points from passing him!  I will check in from Vegas!”

Advice: if you’re not following Dave on twitter already, I’d recommend you do so.  Me personally, I’m looking forward to his tweets from Vegas.

Maybe more interesting than the Cavs win over the lowly Tyreke Evans-less Kings last night though was the twitter exchange of sorts between Dan Gilbert and Yahoo!’s Kelly Dwyer.  If you missed that, here’s the summary:

Scott Sargent, Waiting For Next Year:

“Evidently, said 13th win was largely coveted.  Not only is it a prime number (which is inherently cool), setting the stage for a potential 17 total wins for the season, but 13 is also exactly one more win than Yahoo! Sports’ Kelly Dwyer had predicted in his team preview back in the early fall. Twitter-using Cavalier fans of all shapes and sizes took to the e-streets, pointing fingers at Dwyer in celebration of this the magical accomplishment, understandable on the basis a home team victory.

What was not great was that Cavaliers’ principle owner Dan Gilbert was one of those pointing fingers, potentially taking things a bit too far.  Launching some unfiltered shrapnel at Dwyer, Gilbert responded to assuming Cavalier fans in the form of retweets: “Who is Kellie Dwyer?” Gilbert asked. “Really, how long has Kellie been writing? I’ve never heard of her.”

Gilbert also called him a “man named Don”.  In response, Dwyer offered the following via twitter:

“@cavsdan has looked up long enough from his loan sharking and fixed-income bilking to act like Dan Gilbert. Win over the Kings, excelsior!”

And to being called a girl by Gilbert, Dwyer tweeted:

“@cavsdan Only a man ill at ease with his own self thinks being called a woman is an insult. We should all be so lucky to have their strength.”

I do have some thoughts on this exchange specifically – in addition to what I wrote at a few weeks ago – and plan to revisit this later.  Don’t feel like it right now though, just wanted to mention.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Lads.  I’ll be here later (at Mullarkey’s)…Slainte!

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