Skyenga named his dog Sky, season ending thoughts from Bob Finnan, and an overseas update

If you missed the big news Monday, Christian “Skyenga” Eyenga got a new dog, and named his dog “SKY”. Skyenga’s reasoning for naming his dog SKY include the fact that his dog has incredible leaping ability, which makes total sense.

From Skyenga’s twitter account (@christianeyenga8):

“My new dog  His name is SKY. This dog can jump.”

We here at Stepien Rules are obviously thrilled about the fact that Skyenga chose to shorten the nickname we gave him to SKY, and then name his dog that. 

We’re also pumped that his dog can jump so high too.  Great stuff, Skyenga


Oh and if you don’t have a Skyenga shirt yet, do yourself a favor and buy one today!

Real interesting read earlier this week too from the News-Herald’s Bob Finnan on his coverage of the Cavs this season.  I’ve been thinking about putting something like this together myself based on my first full season as a blogger with media credentials, and once I collect my thoughts on that I’ll get it posted sometime over the next couple weeks.  For now, great stuff from Bob as always…    

Bob Finnan’s Covering the Cavaliers, Behind the Scenes in 2011:

Tait Appreciation Night

As a tribute on Joe Tait Appreciation Night on April 8 against Chicago, the media wore “Tait sweaters.”  I was standing in the locker room when Cavs forward Christian Eyenga walked by. 

“I want one of those,” he said.

“Where did you get it?” 

“They are collector’s items,” I replied. “I found it in my closet.”

I tell him Tait is retiring after the Washington game on April 13.

“He is?” Eyenga replied.

It was news to him.

“He’s 73 year old,” I told him.

“My dad’s 73,” Eyenga said. “He has five wives.”

I ask if that is allowed in the Congo. He said sure.

“I want five, too,” Eyenga said.

I asked if his dad spends time with one wife on Monday, one on Tuesday, and so on.  Eyenga said that’s not the case. Some of the wives are mad at his father.  Eyenga said he’s just kidding. He doesn’t want five wives, especially if he remains in the United States.

“American women are crazy,” he said.

Eyenga said his father has so many children, he doesn’t know how many he has.

Revisionist history

Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico said during media day in 2009, “Wonder what it’s going to be like next year when Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James aren’t here?”

“LeBron isn’t going anywhere,” I replied.

What a dolt, I thought.

Who’s the dolt now? I had no idea Amico had such powers.

Caught off-guard

I didn’t travel to the Cavs-Memphis game on Feb. 4. While sitting at home watching the Fox Sports Ohio telecast, I got a call from an assigning editor at ESPN.

She wanted me to come on “SportsCenter” and discuss the Cavs’ possible loss to the Grizzlies, which would tie the NBA’s all-time record of 23 consecutive losses, the longest ever in a single season.

Being a devout backer of TiVo — it’s the greatest invention since email — I continued to watch the game. I was buzzing through the commercials, but I was about a half-hour behind real time.

I was about midway through the fourth quarter when the phone rang.

“It’s ESPN,” the caller said. “You ready to go on?”

“Uh, yeah,” I replied.

I was live on “SportsCenter” not knowing who had won the game. I tried to get online quickly to check out the final score, but my wireless connection was slow.

I had to judge by the tone of their questions who had won the game (of course, the Grizzlies did).

Being quick on my feet, I got through the ordeal with flying colors. Thank God they didn’t ask about a last-second shot or something like that. I would have been cooked.

Lastly, as an overseas update:

The Cavaliers were talking to ex-Rutgers scoring machine / ex-NBA vet (three seasons in the Association) Quincy Douby this summer, and I was all for the Cavs signing him up at the time.  They didn’t obviously, but for whatever it’s worth the Gary Waters product is about twice as good as Manny Harris.  The Cavs weren’t the only team to not sign Douby this season though, in fact nobody did.  As a result he went over to China, and has been balling out of him mind ever since.

From SLAM Online on Quincy Douby:

“That’s where [China] Quincy Douby dropped a record-setting 53 in a regular season game, as the NY Timesreports: “Playing for the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers this season, Douby, as they would say back in his native Brooklyn, has been killing it. Trailing, three games to two, to the Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers in their best-of-seven series, Xinjiang  needs to win Games 6 and 7 this week to win its first championship in franchise history.

After helping Xinjiang finish with its best regular-season record ever, Douby, 26, who was a standout at Rutgers and then spent three years in the N.B.A. as a guard with the Sacramento Kings and the Toronto Raptors, has continued to build upon his status as the best Flying Tiger of all time. He is averaging 34.6 points a game in the finals, and scored 53, a single-game record, in the Game 1 victory.”

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