More than fifty-five reasons to try to not be clowned again tonight

Thirty-six days ago the Lakers beat the Cavaliers by fifty-five points.  Antawn Jamison had a plus/minus of (-46) on the night.  Manny Harris a (-57). 

I don’t blame those two guys for the loss though anymore than I’d credit Ramon Sessions and Alonzo Gee for being the only two Cleveland Cavaliers to reach double figures for the game.  Sessions had 10 and Alonzo Gee was the Cavs leading scorer with 12.  I’m not even going to make a joke about that.

Nor will I kid myself and anybody reading this with any talk of revenge being on the mind of the Cavaliers tonight.  The Cavs have no pride, they have no heart, and I expect them to lay down and get completely run over the Quicken Loans Arena Court once again tonight by those same Lakers.   

It’s unfortunate that this is the reality though.  Despite the fact that wins are few and far between, the wins – and even the attempts for wins – have been fun events this season.  They don’t mean anything, but the people Dan Gilbert already swindled to get into those seats at least have been able to enjoy a game where the home team played hard.   

It’s not often that an NBA arena is packed and cheering for a 6, 7, or 8 win team at the All Star break, but for some reason we are.  That should be enough incentive for the Cavaliers to never do what they did on Sunday, and all those other nights like Sunday, ever again. 

They should always be able to put together some type of cohesive game plan and try kinda hard.  And as far as tonight, after being collectively stuffed inside a locker last time they played LA, they should try really, really hard.  

I doubt they will though, and it is possible they lose by 56 this time.

Which makes me wonder, shouldn’t there be pressure on Byron Scott to not allow these types of embarassments?  I’m not saying win, but how about breaking up losing streaks after about 8 or so, and try to lose games by 15 or less? 

The question I’ve been asking myself since Friday on this is, how come Byron said there was no pressure on him personally during the losing streak after the Clippers win?   

There should’ve been.  There should still be.  You are the coach of arguably the worst NBA team ever, Bryon.  How is there no pressure?

For the full exchange, here’s the video I shot postgame Friday:

It may be coach-speak I suppose, but I really didn’t even think the intent of the question was “what’s the pressure been like on you personally Byron.”  I think the intent was “what was the pressure like for the team.”  You know, the team he coaches and is in the trenches with supposedly.  

The comment maybe jumped out at me too because in my mind it served to support what I babbled about last Thursday in regards to Byron Scott’s accountability

Maybe I made too much of a leap on a throwaway line there.  But even if I did, I still don’t think he looks like a guy who feels accountable for any bit of all this. 

The fact is, we all know the players especially don’t feel accountable.  They tell us that on the court just about every night.  I suppose part of me just wished they did care. 

I guess I mention Byron because I want him to make them care.  Maybe that’s impossible though, and maybe that’s why he’s right in feeling as though he’s not accountable.  Maybe he tried.  

Regardless of any of that though, tonight would be fun if they all tried.  Still might lose, but maybe if there was a little pressure from somewhere to put forth a respectable effort it could be an enteraining game.  It is the Lakers after all.

Hopefully they somehow come out inspired.  I’ll be down there, so follow me on twitter we’ll talk about it.

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