A New Year Preview

January is going to be an ugly start to 2011 for our Cavaliers. Actually, it’s going to be so ugly it might just be oogly – seriously. But for anyone who seriously follows me here, you know that I’m a pretty lighthearted guy, I tend not to let things get too serious here because like I’ve said before, I fell very very lucky to be doing this so the last thing I want to do is make the readers depressed. Sure, there have been times when I’ve tore into our guys – notable victims have been JJ (more than once) Jamario, Ryan Hollins, AP and the artist formerly known as Jawad Williams – but most of the time I like to have fun, I like to look at the bright side of things while still being serious, to an extent. With all those things in mind, I’m about to dress up as Nostradamus again and preview all our games for the month o f January, beginning with tomorrow’s game against the Raptors…

Jan 5th vs Toronto – We realise that the Raptors are basically the exact same team as last season, except swap Bargnani for Bosh as the focal point. Mo Williams goes off for 40 points and we win, 112-90. Dan Gilbert stops crying midway through the fourth quarter, finally.

Jan 7th @ Golden State – It’s a shoot-out with the Warriors. With JJ getting extended minutes, he realises now is his time to shine. The score is locked at 122-122 with 8 seconds left, Warriors have the ball. Monta drive to the rim where JJ meets him for the monstrous block sending the game to OT, where Antawn Jamison hits the buzzer beater over David Lee to give us a 134-133 win. 2 in a row baby!!

Jan 9th @ Phoenix – Steve Nash breaks Scott Skiles NBA record by tallying 32 assists as the Suns blow us out 136-102. Dan Gilbert reaches for the box of tissues.

Jan 11th @ LA Fakers – You thought losing at home to Memphis was bad Kobe? Just wait until AP locks you down for 48 minutes, Phil Jackson punches Artest for taking his 11th three point shot of the contest, Gasol demands to be traded after Kobe misses his 19th shot in a row and led by JJ Hickson’s 34 points the Cavs get the road win.

Jan 14th @ Utah – Despite the Cavs making an all-time franchise record for free throws made in a game and free throw percentage in a game (73%) the Cavs lose out to the Deron Williams and the Jazz on a half-court last second winner from Gordon Hayward, who then starts crying and screaming, “Why couldn’t it have been against Duke?!?!”

Jan 15th @ Denver – In Carmelo’s last game (yep – I said it) as a Nugget, he explodes for 57 points, but all other Nuggets combine for just 33 and the Cavs take the W off a balanced offensive showing where 5 players scored 18 or more. Oh, Carmelo joins the Nets by the way.

Jan 19th vs Phoenix – Revenge is a dish best served hot – and it doesn’t get much hitter than Mo Williams and Boobie combining to shoot 13-15 from three-point range as the Cavs win against the Suns. Vince Carter breaks a nail in the 3rd and misses 4 weeks as a result.

Jan 21st vs Milwaukee – They say lightening never strikes twice, until Mo Williams beats the buzzer over Brandon Jennings at the Q again! But it’s in the 2nd quarter, not the 4th. Nonetheless, the Cavs win their 6th game of the month and are ranked number 3 on ESPN’s Power Rankings. They’re 7th on John Hollinger’s.

Jan 22nd @ Bulls – You’d think the Cavs would get pretty close at full strength considering the spirited performance on New Years day when we were missing Mo, Boobie and Andy against the Bulls. Well, you’d be right and wrong – Williams hits a running floater with 3.2 seconds left to tie the game, but Derrick Rose goes coast to coast for the layup, and then makes it back to block a Boobie Gibson jump shot and win the game. All in 3.2 seconds. Derrick Rose then challenges Usain Bolt to a race, dunno why.

Jan 24th @ New Jersey – New addition Carmelo Anthony shows the Nets why he was worth the wait by scoring 43 points and pulling down 11 boards in a Nets victory. For those of you keeping track, Melo has 100 points in his last two games against the Cavs. Sure, that could happen…

Jan 25th @ Boston – Funny how things can change. Last time we were here we all know how it ended, this time around things are a little different. The injury big has hit the Celtics hard once more, and they play with a starting line up of Robinson-Bradley-Daniels-Harrangody-Erden, and have the use of only two subs. Yep, injuries can be deadly and the Cavs take full advantage by beating the short-handed Celtics handily 122-85.

Jan 28th vs Denver – Something about new guys on new teams as Derrick Favors destroys the Cavs inside, but it’s on the perimeter where we win the game thanks to Boobie racking up 39 points off of 13 made three’s. Mo Williams sets a career record with 23 assists, and JJ Hickson sets a career record by grabbing 2 offensive rebounds. Historic Night at the Q.

Jan 30th @ Orlando – Orlando shoots 2-47 on three pointers, Dwight Howard gets ejected after collecting technical after technical and the Cavs shock the Magic by taking the game thanks to Antawn Jamison’s 38-point, 22-rebound effort. Directly after the game Mark Cuban offers Caron Butler (and his fresh new injury), Rodrigue Beaubois and cash for Jamison. Dan Gilbert says “NO” almost instantaneously as the fax sent with the offer on it is in Times New Roman, not Comic Sans.

Jan 31st @ Miami – After sinking a 40-foot three during the opening play of the game, LeBron taunts the Cavs bench by lifting up his jersey to reveal a Cavs jersey with the number 6 on the front, and the back of it reading “LeBron – what could have been (“,)”. Byron Scott sends Leon Powe into the game and the next play, well, this is a family site and I can’t type what happens. All I’ll say is Dan Gilbert is a happy man, and Kirk gets a very belated present from his Christmas wish list…

The Cavs more than double their win total for the season in January alone, and now own a record of 18-30. Jared Sullinger is already being fitted for his Cavs jersey…

NBA News

Kevin Love had 10 rebounds in the first quarter against the Celtics. JJ Hickson’s season high is 11, just saying. Amazing what effort brings, because there’s no way on earth you can tell me Love is quicker or more athletic than JJ is, it boils down to effort. Somewhere, Kirk is nodding in agreement I just know it.

Right now, if you really had to choose a point guard to base your franchise around for the next 7 years who would you take? Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook? Anyone else I left off that list that deserves mentioning? It’s an argument that could literally take up a thousand blogs, and something that will be impossible to take your eyes off when on the court.

Adrian Wojnarowski – yeah the guy who almost started a one-mad hate campaign against number 6 when he was number 23 – reports that the Nuggets want FIVE 1st round picks for Carmelo. He’s also reported that they would love a deal that landed them Favors and Nicolas Batum. He’s also reported that the Cavs have been part of the multi-team trade talk, so how could this benefit us? Well, let’s say we offer to take Troy Murphy and his expiring $12 million dollar contract on board by using our TPE, what’s that worth to us? Surely at least two 1st round picks coming our way? Maybe Devin Harris? Maybe JR Smith? Who knows – but one thing I do know is we need to stay involved in these talks, and try convince Denver to get New York in on things so we can get our hands on Anthony Randolph. With regards to our Cavaliers and who’s untouchable, for me the list is two names deep – Daniel Gibson and JJ Hickson. I’d gladly give up most of our roster for youth/picks, but it would take something a pretty nice deal for me to give up Anderson Varejao and Mo Williams. The same Anderson Varejao whom the Knicks are monitoring, and the same Mo Williams that was rumoured to be a target for Portland a while back. Keep active front office – there is a very suitable deal out there for us, there has to be.

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