Anthony Parker Says No Deal For Cavs

No Deal.  That’s what Anthony Parker’s facial expression reads, isn’t it? That’s how the Cleveland Cavaliers Player Representative voted yesterday too, along with everybody else, and now the NBA season is in peril. The Union is decertifying, the “nuclear winter of the NBA is upon us”, and it all just kinda sucks pretty bad.

The only question I have on this is how would, could, or actually did, the majority of Cleveland Cavaliers players vote this deal down?  I’m not saying it’s a good deal, I’m not saying it’s a bad one either, even though it basically is a pretty bad one for the players in general, I’m just asking a few questions:

I’m just asking Ryan Hollins specifically, if he’s really willing to leave the guaranteed money that he will never get back on the table forever?  Is Antawn Jamison, as wealthy as he is, still cool to leave as many millions as he’s about to forfeit there too?  Does Daniel Gibson really believe he’d be affected adversely by whatever it is that the owners are proposing in this deal? Himself personally?  Is Anthony Parker, as the team’s representative, voting in the best interest of his current teammates Christian Eyenga and Manny Harris, or is he voting in a way that will eventually help enable a guy like Austin Rivers to make more money than’s being currently offered?

Okay, I’m done asking questions that nobody is going to answer.  Thanks for everything Lockout, I hate you.  Go Cleveland State Vikings.

Brendan Bowers

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