Baron Davis on turning Ryan Hollins into a beast, and Cavs win over Heat

Mo Williams doesn’t make people around him better.  Baron Davis has so far in Cleveland, and that was the difference last night.  It’s not hard to see being around this team that BDizzle has a legit swag about him, and it’s contagious.  He’s helped these young Cavaliers improve by both instilling confidence in their games individually, and also letting them know that when he’s on the floor he’s in the fight right alongside them.  He also sounds like a guy who’s enjoying that role on this rebuilding team, which is not what you thought when you heard Baron Davis has been traded to Cleveland. 

Nor did it cross your mind that this same Baron Davis would also turn Ryan Hollins into the freakin monster that he was last night.  From Baron postgame:

Baron Davis on Ryan Hollins:

” I’ve known Ryan ever since he was a kid in high school and then out at UCLA.  We’ve always known the talent was there, it was just a matter of having that mentality.  Since I’ve been here I’ve been challenging him, and you can see it out there on the court.  We go at it kind of yelling, but we have that brotherhood and that relationship, and I know I can challenge him to do the things necessary that we need to win.”

Baron Davis role with young guys:  

“Coach Scott has given me a lot of confidence to talk to guys and just explain their roles as much as possible, and when I’m out there I’m just trying to give them the confidence to do everything that I can see from their ability, and just make progress from there.” 

Ryan Hollins video postgame after the jump:

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