Joe Tait on call as Baron Davis and Cavs prep for Tuesday, tonight at 6 vs Hawks

Amidst the disappointing Buckeye’s loss that sent grown men home from the bars around Cleveland and throughout Ohio on Friday night sulking, the Cavaliers won game number fourteen.  They beat the Pistons 97-91, and your boy B-Dizzle was key. 

From Kirk at WFNY yesterday:  “J.J. Hickson led the Cavs in scoring, but it was Baron’s 16 points, including 10 in the fourth quarter, that led the Cavaliers to win number fourteen.  In his second game since March 8th due to the death of his grandmother and back spasms, Davis came off the bench and gave the team a lift in 24 minutes. Davis shot 6-of-13 for his 16 points and added 4 rebounds and 5 assists. It’s clear that Davis’s leadership and shot-making ability is desperately needed right now, and the team has a different approach when he’s on the floor.”  

While it would be cool in a Bad News Bears type of way to get number 15 tonight, I’m really looking at Sunday’s tip at 6pm with the Hawks as a warm-up for Tuesday.


Last time the Cavs played before he came back the first time they got blown off the floor by the Celtics.  Then they played that game vs Wade and company and got blown out even worse.  Then we know what happened for the next two months after that.  

No worries though, me and Derrick Williams have effectively mended our wounds and gotten over all that.  I just want the Cavs to win Tuesday in a LeBron, how do you like them apples, kinda way.  Yeah those two movie references were unnecessary and poorly executed, you’re right on that, my bad. 

Thing is though, if the Cavs were to have any reasonable shot on Tuesday they’re gonna need Baron Davis to play like that B-Diddy the Golden State Warriors knew back in the day when he was ballin out of control winning playoff games.  So I’m hoping tonight that he build on some momentum he was able to create in Friday’s return/win, and I’m also hoping he can get into that starting line-up in order to do so.  Which he may.

From Bob Finnan“There’s a chance Baron Davis will move into the starting lineup against the Hawks. Judging by the way he’s approached his “comeback,” that will happen a bit down the road. However, Coach Byron Scott wants to see more of Davis running the show.”

 I’m primarily excited to hear Joe Tait back on the call tonight though to be honest.  I’m not going to the game tonight specifically so I can listen to Tait’s broadcast.  And no offense to my boy Fred and Uncle Austin either, but the television’s on mute tonight fellas.  Great to have you back on the radio Joe, it’s basketball time at the Q all over again.

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