Big Few Weeks Upcoming For Canton D-Leaguers

There appears to be a team name coming soon for the Cleveland Cavaliers D-League franchise in Canton.  This news coming from a Sam Amico tweet on Wednesday that I decided to turn into a blog post because there wasn’t much else to talk about.  

Amico quoted a D-League official who said they should have a name by now, as well as a coach, which they probably should if you think about it.  

The direct quote from Amico’s twitter page (@SamAmicoFSO) is as follows:

D-League official says Cavs “should have nickname by now” for Canton team, “and need to announce soon.” Said same goes for a coach. 

If there was an underlying ‘I’m not sure what’s taking so long’ in the official’s statement to Sam, I’d tend to agree with him on that. While the NBA will be locked out for a while, the D-League won’t be.  Their season will go off as planned, and they will most certainly need a name in order to accurately order all the foam fingers they’re going to need, as well as the uniforms too.

I can see the coaching search taking a little bit of time, they did just bring in GM Wes Wilcox in July, but it’s also good to hear there’s a sense of urgency on that too right now. There are tryouts scheduled afterall, in both Cleveland and Canton on October 8th and 15th respectively, so those can only go a bit more smoothly with a coaching staff on hand for that too.

If you’re intersted in trying out for the Cavaliers D-League affiliate, go ahead and click here to register.  I will warn you though, if you are hearing about these tryouts for the first time by reading this blog you have absolutely no chance of making the team.  Not that I won’t be happy for you if you did though.

All for today. 

Brendan Bowers

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