Las Vegas Thinks Cavs Probably Won’t Win NBA Title This Season

NBA Championship TrophyNot that this is a surprising development, but Las Vegas has set the odds that the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Championship at 150 to 1 this season according to  

Which could mean that if you’re currently planning your $1,500 summer vacation right now, all you need is that Alexander Hamilton you had crumbled up in your pocket earlier this morning as a down payment.  Or, if you’re a glass is half empty type person, it could also mean that the Vegas experts think the Cavs will be the second worst team in the NBA again this year too.

Tied for second worst team though, actually. The worst team according to BoDog is the Toronto Raptors at 200 to 1, they’re expected to be really awful.  Alongside the Cavaliers, Vegas also has the Charlotte Bobcats, Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings, and Washington Wizards at the probability of 150 to 1 also.  Just ahead of that group is the Golden State Warriors and Detroit Pistons (125 to 1) followed by the Sixers, Hornets, Bucks, and Pacers (100 to 1).

Atop the list of those most likely to follow the Mavericks in their own personal quest to be fitted for championship bracelets rings are the Miami Heat (9 to 4), Los Angelas Lakers (5 to 1) and Chicago Bulls (7 to 1).  I’m not a gambling man myself personally, but if I was, the bet I like would be the Memphis Grizzlies at 25 to 1.  That’s a topic for another day though.

There’s a couple ways to look at this projection if you’re trying to determine just how good or just how bad you think the Cavs will be this season.  You could look at those four teams they are locked in the second worst spot with and say that the Cavaliers might not have anyone as good as Kevin Love, Tyreke Evans, and John Wall and start to get real worried possibly.  Or you could look at the Cavaliers team and admit that they would be an extremely difficult group to project when you really think about it.

How good will Kyrie Irving be in his first season?  How good will Tristan Thompson be?  How good will Omri Casspi be with a real opportunity to show what he can do after two seasons in a system he never really got that chance?  It’s tough to say.  Those three guys are going to pretty much determine which direction the Cavaliers go.  Did anybody think Derrick Rose would be really as good as he was in his first year?  Sure expectation were high, but nobody thought he’d be that good.  You’re lying if you say you did. What if something like that happens here?

In addition to that, there’s really no way to totally know what to expect from Baron Davis, Antawn Jamison, and Anderson Varejao either.  Will they be productive, hurt, Amnestied?  It’s way, way, too early to tell right now on all of those things and nobody really knows.  Not even the basketball experts who work behind the black curtain for “Vegas” know really, and they usually know everything.

For what it’s also worth, the Cavs are an 80 to 1 favorite to win the Eastern Conference as well.  So if I put ten dollars on the Cavs to win the East, and ten more on them to win it all….

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