Cavs Big Man Samardo Samuels Checks In After Running Two-A-Day’s Out At Impact

When Samardo Samuels told me he planned to stay and play throughout the second week of Impact Basketball’s Competitive Series in Las Vegas this past Thursday, I didn’t think he meant he was going to run his own personal two-a-day out there but that’s what he’s doing.  Through yesterday, Samardo has been out at Impact for three days of games, playing two games per day, everyday.  There is not one other player at Impact who is doing that right now.   

In those six games he’s averaging 16 points, 14 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks per, along with playing very competitively on the defensive end of the floor as well.  I caught up with Samardo below after his second game on Tuesday to talk about all that:

I’m being totally honest with you when I say that he’s also shooting in between games too, as well as doing push-ups and a bunch of other exercises that I am too out of shape to even recognize.  Dude is going super hard out there right now, and I was getting tired just watching him.  I also really came to appreciate how bad this guy wants it after having a taste last season as an undrafted free agent rookie too, and I can’t imagine there’s too many guys out-working Samardo Samuels right now.

He mentioned again as we were walking out how much he really does appreciate and feel a connection with the fans in Cleveland based on how hard the people in this town work.  After he said that I couldn’t help but think how much this town will come to appreciate him for the same reason, the more chances we get to know him. Keep grinding big man.

Brendan Bowers

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