Cavs / Heat: pictures I took last night with quotes I completely made up as captions


Coach Spo:  ” I just told my team, if you want ice cream tonight you’ll have to pay for it yourselves.  I’m upset, and I am not buying Sundaes for any of you.” 


Chris Bosh to LeBron pregame: “I’m kinda nervous about Ryan Hollins tonight.  He looks very mean and serious over there.”

LeBron James postgame:  “Alright guys, the bathroom thing during player intros was a lie. I was hiding behind the curtain by the locker room because I’m a drama queen.”

Baron Davis postgame:  “I told these guys, if you’re all hugging that dude again tonight I’m gonna have a problem with that. I’m from South Central LA, and this beard didn’t grow itself.”

Zydrunas pregame on his new suntan:  “Yo Cleveland, what’s good!?  Your boy Z isn’t pastie white anymore, check out my new South Beach tan! Miss you guys tho!”

Ryan Hollins:  “Look man, I know I’ve played soft in the past, but this Chris Bosh guy is the Charmin Man compared to me on my worst day. Durant was sooo right.”

Johnny “Drama” Chase:  “VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Brendan Bowers

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