Cavs lose again to Bulls…time to talk trades

Shocking to not one single person alive, the Cavaliers dropped another one on Saturday.  This time to Derrick Rose and the Bulls. 

I mostly sat staring blankly at my television watching for the better part of two quarters in a daze though, wondering how things would’ve shook out if Boozer didn’t pull that ‘gotcha’ move on that nice old blind guy way back when he did. 

I then realized that was what I was thinking about, and spent the duration trying to get through to Dr. Melfi’s office.  Time to talk some things out this week.  This hasn’t been a healthy stretch, thanks Cavs.

But part of the unhealthy ramifications of following what might be the worst team in the NBA afterall are things that can be controlled.  No reason I can’t focus my attention elsewhere, I mean.  

Sure there’s some in-game blogworthy material I could mention in a positive light with regards to the latest loss.  I could talk about how the Cavaliers played hard for a half with as many guys out as they had.  I could say they didn’t appear to be hung-over after NYE also, and I could even work in a hopeful rant about maybe J.J. Hickson “getting it” after entering the 20-point category for the first time in a while.  

I’m going to start talking trades instead, however. felt it necessary to post their countdown to the trade deadline the other day, so I guess it’s time, and it might help actually.    

So first off, here’s what they’re said recently about the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Marc Stein, ESPN – Involved in Carmelo Anthony talks:

The Cavs have been willing to join the Melo discussions largely because they covet future first-round draft choices as much as Denver does, so they’re not likely to participate unless at least one of those top-shelf picks is coming their way. Which conflicts with the Nuggets’ goals in terms of pick-hoarding.

Sources say Cleveland, in general, is telling teams that it’s willing to take on long-term salary in a trade — something you don’t hear often these days, with so much fear about the next labor agreement and how restrictive it could be — but only if a quality prospect or draft pick is attached.  The Cavs aren’t interested in cap-clearing deals. They obviously need talent …

Bob Finnan, The News-Herald – Interested in Andray Blatche, Devin Harris Talk:

The Cavs have inquired about Wizards forward Andray Blatche. At 6-foot-11, 260 pounds, he has perfect size for a power forward. He’s been quite productive, as he’s averaging 16.7 points and 8.2 rebounds this season. With Rashard Lewis and Al Thornton on the roster, Blatche could become available.

Nets point guard Devin Harris’ name is also out there. The Cavs might be wise to acquire him if he’s offered, even though his beefy contract is very similar to Mo Williams’. Harris has more value around the league and could be flipped again by the trading deadline.

Mo Williams on staying CLE (via The Plain Dealer) – Still wants too, he says:

“It’s still the same,” Williams said before the Cavs faced the Chicago Bulls Saturday night at United Center. “Because I’ve got a lot of trust in the organization that we’re not going to go backwards. Just a minor setback. We’ll be back on top.” 

Williams, with a $9.3 million salary this season and a player-option for $17 million in 2011-12 and 2012-13, sees brighter days ahead. 

“The organization knows how I feel,” the 28-year-old guard said. “It’s been documented. I’m happy. I know the organization will do whatever it can to get this team back to where we all want it as fans, as players. … I’m pretty sure they’re going to make the right moves to better this team.”

Marc Berman, New York Post (12/23) – Ramon on New York’s Radar:

Ramon Sessions, the Cavaliers backup point guard whom Knicks pursued two summers ago, is on their radar again. 

Chris Broussard, ESPN (12/21)   Also relatively old news, but Andy / Gibson talk in NY as well:

The Knicks’ other scenario would potentially bring Cleveland’s proven role players Anderson Varejao and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson to Madison Square Garden. The Knicks are aware of their need for more toughness inside and Varejao would provide that. And Gibson could fill the backup point guard spot the Knicks have been looking to upgrade.

I’ll be updating all trade rumors I hear, see, or have thoughts on as we move forward.  2011, a year of hope, anything can happen. 

I don’t want to get too much into my thoughts on any of these rumors other than to say I don’t want Blatche at all, definitely want draft picks, would be interested in Devin Harris, fine with unloading Sessions for whatever, and amazed if the Cavaliers could get out of that $17 million plus they owe Maurice. 

Should be interesting to watch though…fifty some days and counting until the deadline…good luck Mr. Grant, you are on the clock, sir.

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