Cavs Nation Wishes @WayneEmbrysKids a Happy Birthday

It was our friend and everyone’s favorite Cleveland Cavaliers fan @WayneEmbrysKids birthday yesterday, and Cavs Nation was nice enough to collectively shout him out for it.  

With a subtle reminder about the occasion from our buddy @_Believeland, below are the members of the Cavaliers organization (as well as a certain Indians Manager) who wished Jack a happy birthday yesterday.

Anthony Parker (@AMP 1808): @WayneEmbrysKids Have a very Happy Birthday! I am actually not shooting 3s right now. But I’ll get back at it soon!

Fred McLeod (@CavsFredMcLeod): Absolutely Happy Birthday…Wine and Gold style!!! RT @_Believeland: Hey @CavsFredMcLeod — it’s the biggest Cav fan @WayneEmbrysKids Bday. How about a “Go Cavs”?!?!?

Kyrie Irving (@KyrieIrving): @_Believeland @WayneEmbrysKids go cavs!!!!

Manny Harris (@313MannyHarris): Go cavs! “@_Believeland: Hey @313MannyHarris — it’s the biggest Cav fan @WayneEmbrysKids Bday. How about a “Go Cavs”?!?

Daniel Gibson (@BooBysWorld1): RT @_Believeland: Hey @boobysworld1 — it’s the biggest Cav fan @WayneEmbrysKids Bday. How about a “Go Cavs”?!?!? ~HAppY BDay! #GoCavs!!

Moondog (@CavsMoondog): @WayneEmbrysKids Happy b-day. Go Cavs!

Manny Acta: (cc. @WayneEmbrysKids ) “: @_Believeland Happy B-day!”

So good on those guys for the birthday cheers, and good on whoever made this Mark Price Birthday Cake too. Awesome.  It’s also especially cool to see the administrator of a Facebook fan page for a world-renown SG get shouted out by said SG on that administrator’s birthday too.  So thanks for that also, Mr. Anthony Parker. Now get back to shooting three’s!  

PS – Huge labor negotiations meeting tonight, fingers crossed peoples.


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