Christian Eyenga Checks In From Impact Games

Christian Eyenga played in all four games during the first week of Impact Basketball’s Competitive Series last week, and will be playing throughout this week as well.  He told me after his Friday night game when we sat down to talk that his focus this off-season has been to improve the ball handling and shooting aspects of his game specifically.  Through the first four, Skyenga has averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists per game, and along with Tony Allen he has also been one of the better defenders out here at Impact thus far. 

Our exchange from Friday is below:

As I mentioned last week, Damon Jones is absolutely hilarious out there.  His offensive game is on point to be sure, and Damon is definitely one of the better shooters in the building, but Christian is right in that he doesn’t really want to play too much D. 

Throughout the Friday night game Clay Thompson, a rookie for the Warriors, buried three after three over Jones.  Each time Thompson scored Damon looked across the court to Skyenga who was guarding his guy somewhere else on the floor to ask him where he was at on that.  Christian was laughing along with everyone on the court and so was I, which was why I wanted to know what Damon was saying to him out there.  Great answer from our guy Eyenga on that.

Chrisitian also told me that when the games do end out here on Friday, he still will be staying out at Impact for the next month continuing to work on his game through individually drilling with the Impact training staff. 

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