Christian Eyenga Holding Things Down For Cavs At Impact Basketball

You could field a squad five guys deep of ex-Cavaliers taking part in Impact Basketball’s Competitive Series in Las Vegas right now, but Christian Eyenga is the only current Cavalier out there getting better everyday at the moment.  Needless to say I was glad to see my boy on the list when I happened to get a chance to stop in and check things out for a little while on Wednesday.

Skyenga teamed up with TJ Ford, Dahntay Jones, Corey Stokes, Melvin Ely, and rookie Josh Selby in game one on Wednesday and did pretty well for himself.  He was noticeably working on his outside shot, took around nine threes for the game, and converted on a couple of them.  If he can develop that aspect of his game and make guys come out and guard him on the perimeter, he’s going to be even more scary than he already is attacking the basket whenever next season does get underway.  It’s great to see that a young player like Eyenga recognizes that, and is using this series of games out at Impact as a way to get better there too.

That athleticism he already does have was certainly in mid-season form too out at Impact on Wednesday.  He dunked about five times for the game, and on one in particular everybody in the gym let out a collective “whoa” all at the same time.  His squad was matched up against ex-teammates Mo Williams and JJ Hickson, along with Tony Allen, Roger Mason Jr. and Ryan Gomes.  Allen ended up with a steal on the last possession to seal the win for the bad guys, but if the ball had been in Eyenga’s hands at that point maybe it’d been different.

I caught up with Christian after the game and he said that he will be back on Thursday, and has been focused on getting better throughout the off-season.  We also lined up Episode Two of The Skyenga Video Series for later this week, so keep an eye out for that as well.  According to my friend @TheSportsBabe, who came over to talk with Eyenga and I for a bit afterwards, he finished with 18 points and 4 rebounds for the game.

Other ex-Cavaliers who also played on Wednesday besides JJ and Mo included Damon Jones, Sebastian Telfair, and Coby Karl.  As others out at Impact have pointed out earlier in the week, Damon Jones is pretty entertaining to watch too for whatever that’s worth.  When he knows he’s about to make a three, he yells “off” – and then it goes in.  I watched him do that about four times and laughed every time; if nothing else, that guy absolutely knows how to enjoy life.

I’ll be back here at Stepien Rules later this week after I go to Thursday’s games as well, so stay tuned I guess.  I have some posts going live at SLAM Online and Crossover Chronicles too over the next couple days, so check me out there as well if you get the chance.  All for now.


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