Damon Jones Scored 54 Points In Josh Howard’s Charity Game Saturday

Damon Jones hit more than a couple big shots as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He didn’t really play much defense and couldn’t really dribble too well when he was here, but he did come up real huge a few times. Never more so than when he came off the bench to hit a three pointer in 2006 to clinch that Game 6 win for the Cavs over the Wizards. A shot he’ll always have my respect for, if nothing else. He played fourteen seconds in the game, came in and “hit a dagger” as an ex-teammate of his once said.  

After sitting out all of last season, Jones has been making appearances on the barnstroming circuit of exhibition games throughout this extended off-season too as he looks to make one final team in one final season of NBA Basketball.  I saw him out in Vegas for the Impact Games, and he was also most recently in Josh Howard’s Charity game in Dallas this past weekend too.  A game in which Damon Jones out-scored Kevin Durant by 30 points.

This from The Washington Post:

The Wizards free agent guard [Nick Young] still scored a team-high 32 points and provided several highlight dunks to lead his Blue team to a 139-128 victory over Howard’s White team, which featured an unlikely facilitator in Kevin Durant (22 assists, 24 points) and an even more unlikely high scorer in former NBA player Damon Jones (54 points).

It really is outputs like that from Jones that has to make the Chinese Basketball Brand Li-Ning extremely proud that they invested in Damon way back when they did. If you don’t remember, here’s footage of a 2007 commercial they ran in China featuring Jones:


Okay I was actually looking for a YouTube clip of the buzzer beater he hit over the Wizards. I couldn’t find it, and couldn’t have been more pleased with what I found instead. Slow news day, congrats on hitting for 50 over the weekend DJ.  

Here’s some highlights of the game from HoopsMixTape.com.  There was tons of defense:


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