Dan Gilbert’s Selling LeBron James Fatheads

Hopefully for Drake and DJ Kaheld’s sake they snatched up a LeBron James Fathead back when Dan Gilbert was selling them for $17.41.  If not, the price no longer reflects the year Benedict Arnold was born.  If they’re looking to decorate their respective studios with a LeBron James Miami Heat Fathead now they’ll have to pay Dan Gilbert full price for one; no exceptions.  

This from CNBC’s Darren Rovell yesterday:

“On Monday morning, CNBC discovered that Fathead was selling four wall graphics of James in his Heat jersey. What makes the relationship sticky is that the ownership group of Fathead is led by Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who LeBron of course left to go to the Heat.

When “The Decision” was announced, Fathead slashed prices on James’ Cavs wall graphics to $17.41, which is the year the famous traitor Benedict Arnold was born. Fathead can continue to sell the images through the lockout since its deal is with the NBA Players Association. The question is, can James opt out again perhaps to spite his former owner?”

My answer to that last question is no, he won’t.  Fathead holds the exclusive NBA licensing rights to wall graphics, and last season LeBron opted out of that line on his NBA licensing agreement.  He was reportedly in talks with another off-brand wall graphic group after that, but he never had them make one.  The reason for that, I would guess, is because he didn’t want his jersey to say something cheesy like “Team” or “Basketball” on it instead of the actual Miami Heat logo.  That wouldn’t really be a good look.

Besides that, I really don’t think LeBron James wants to stir anything else up with Dan Gilbert at this point either.  The two were in the same room as each other for the first time since The Decision happened this past Friday, at the Labor Negotiation talks, and they went about their business with no reported fireworks. There really wasn’t anybody talking about that dynamic from last Friday’s meetings specifically, because of the fact that there wasn’t anything bad to say about Dan Gilbert coming out of it, but nothing did happen.  I imagine both guys would rather things stay like that going forward, as opposed to getting all Dwyane Wade v. David Stern everytime they see each other.  

So for every fake Miami fan who eventually buys one of these gigantic posters of LeBron, you can make that check payable to Dan Gilbert. Or actually, just in case Dan forgets to slide him the allowance money kid definitely deserves for being awesome, making it out to our guy Nick Gilbert is a viable option as well.

Brendan Bowers

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