Cavs To Take On Pistons, Amar’e Disses Baron, and Norris Cole Shines in Scrimmage

The pregame talk I will be having with myself throughout the day is not to get too carried away one way or another in response to the Cavaliers first preseason test tonight in Detroit.  Sure, tonight’s game does represent one half of the preseason schedule, but it’s still just one preseason game.  

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott, left, and general manager Chris Grant watch the end of practice at the NBA basketball team's training camp, Friday, Dec. 9, 2011, in Independence, Ohio.
It will take time for Kyrie Irving to simply adjust to playing live basketball games, after being sidelined with that toe injury last season at Duke, let alone adjust to the live action of the NBA.  It will also take time for Tristan Thompson to fully acclimate himself with the League as well.  Just because Christian Eyenga grew two inches doesn’t automatically make him an All Star yet either.  These are things I’m telling myself today as I attempt to talk down expectations to a reasonable level.

Beyond looking forward to getting our first look at Kyrie and Tristan, I’m also looking forward to seeing Samardo in season two tonight as well.  I’m curios to watch how Anderson Varajeo responds from last season’s injury too, and wondering how much Antawn and AP have left in the tank this time around.  I would have enjoyed watching Omri Casspi make his debut tonight too, but we’ll have to wait on that as he’s expected to sit this one out with a mildly sprained right knee.

Regardless of whatever it is we think we learn tonight about the Cavaliers, it should be fun to watch.  This rebuilding process is a marathon, not a sprint, and we have to enjoy the process.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  So if Kyrie Irving has a rough game tonight, I’ll be prepared for that and make tons of excuses like it’s only preseason and it doesn’t count.  If he has a triple double though, I may go a different direction with that.

Tonight’s game will be on Fox Sports Ohio in the Northeast Ohio area at 7:30pm.  We’ll talk more about later this weekend.

As far as where ex-Cavaliers PG Baron Davis might end up?  It won’t be New York if Amar’e Stoudemire has any say in the matter.  

It appears the guy who tore both ACL’s and also had a freak injury to his retina that causes him to wear glasses during games now doesn’t much care for people who suffer injuries.  As a result of Baron Davis’ back injury, Stoudemire recently scoffed at the idea of bringing him in.

This according to Newsday:

So despite mutual interest between guard Baron Davis and the front office, Stoudemire suggested that his preference would be to pass on the 32-year-old, who has a lower- back injury.

“This guy’s out for eight to 10 weeks, he’s not our concern at all,” Stoudemire said of Davis, who was waived by the Cavaliers on Wednesday. “We can’t do anything about his injury. Right now we can’t afford to have any setbacks. We have a positive thing going. We feel great about our guys. Everybody’s healthy, so we’ve just got to keep it going.”

Davis has until Friday night to clear waivers, and if a team does not put in a bid for him, the Knicks could attempt to sign him now. Or they could wait until he has recovered from the back injury, which his agent projected could take more than two months.

Ex-Cleveland State star Norris Cole is killing it down in Miami.  Cole was all anybody who watched the Heat scrimmage last night wanted to talk about.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts at PG sooner than later down there too.

The following is from Ethan Skolnick after last night’s scrimmage:

But, no, this night didn’t belong to any of them.  It belonged to the kid who calls himself “No No.”  That is rookie Norris Cole.  That, my friends, is a point guard.

“You can’t teach what he has,” Wade said. “He’s very aggressive. He’s smart, he picks up things very easy. He’s going to be great coming off the bench behind Rio (Mario Chalmers).”

For now, anyway.  Spoelstra stood by Chalmers as a starter after Cole’s public Heat debut, one in which the Cleveland State graduate scored 21 points on 7-of-17 shooting, while Chalmers scored nine points on 2-of-8 inaccuracy. Anything else would be a gross overreaction.

Still, to steal and reapply Spoelstra’s phrase, “it’s been too long” since the Heat had someone who looked like a spark plug, floor-leader point guard.

omeone who did the things that Cole did Thursday night, in his first game on the AmericanAirlines Arena court since the 2009 NCAA regionals, when his Cleveland State Vikings beat Wake Forest before falling to Arizona.

Someone so fast. Someone who steps assertively into a pull-up jumper. Someone who attacks the rim with his head raised and with both hands. Someone who can throw sublime bounce passes into the tightest spaces, as shown on successive possessions, one in transition for a layup by rookie Terrel Harris, the other in halfcourt, on a wraparound to Bosh to set up a foul.

Someone who scored from inside (layups) and out (a couple of threes).

“Coach just wanted me to go out and play and not think too much,” Cole said. “I’m pretty comfortable right now. I haven’t been overwhelmed so far.”

I think they’re in love with our boy down there.  And I know it kinda sucks he was drafted by the Miami Heat, but I’m pulling for Norris Cole.  Hope he keeps doing his thing.

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