Christian Eyenga Returns To Practice Having Grown Taller During Lockout

In response to criticisms last season that he was not tall enough to play Shooting Guard in the NBA, Christian Eyenga simply went ahead and grew two inches this summer.  He was6’5″ Shooting Guard with unlimited potential during the 2010-11 season, and now he will be playing that same position this year standing six feet and seven inches tall.  What else you got, haters?

If this were any other player in the NBA, we here at Stepien Rules may view this news of a twenty-two year-old adult growing two inches as a shocking development. Not in the case of Skyenga however, because there is nothing he can’t do.  We watched him defy the laws of human nature many times last season, as he rose up into the clouds and dunked on the heads of players like Pau Gasol foolish enough to try and stop him, and this is just the latest example of his ability to overcome those powers of gravity. 

Byron Scott didn’t seem surprised either, when he told Tom Reed of The Plain Dealer how much taller Eyenga is now after practice on Sunday:

Christian Eyenga arrived at camp two inches taller than a season ago. The 22-year-old is now 6-foot-7. Scott said jokingly: “Hopefully, he can grow three more inches and we can play him at center.”

If that is what the team needs, Byron, that is what Skyenga will do.  In the meantime though, he may just end up being your starter at SG this season.

Cavs Media Day:

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