One about Byron Scott’s accountability and the possibility of fifty straight losses

I like Byron Scott as a coach.  I also believe that he is a key component of whatever rebuilding effort is in play here these days for the Cavaliers.  I think if he left this summer for any reason that would be a significant set-back for this organization, and I hope that doesn’t happen.  All that said though, I am truly amazed at the fact that Byron Scott has seemingly no accountability in all this losing that’s going on right now.  

Now before you think I’m going way overboard here, let me first be clear that I’m not saying his charges as coach should include making this team even remotely “good”.  Clearly that’s impossible.  There is not enough talent here, at the present time especially, for any coach to be on pace for anywhere near 30 or so wins this season.  So I’m not asking him for that.  But I am asking whether or not it’s absolutely necessary to lose 36 of your team’s last 37 games.

The thing is, twenty-six straight and counting has never happened before, and there’s been plenty of coaches who’ve been ultimately fired for much less than this.  John Lucas being one.  Now I’m in no way suggesting Byron should be fired, because of course he shouldn’t be.  But how about criticized?  How about questioned?  Is it fair to ask if he took an approach this season along the lines of – I didn’t sign up for this, these aren’t my guys, this mess isn’t my fault? 

Because I think he did.  I also think that while that’s perfectly within his rights to take that approach, all things considering, this approach from a head coach can only help to increase the magnitude with which a team loses.  And continues to lose.  Whether that approach is justified or not.


Speaking of continuing to lose, it’s Sunday or bust for this team I think.  I’m heading down on Friday night to see Blake Griffin, but I don’t expect the Cavaliers to win that one.  I have been pointing towards the win-less on the road Wizards for some time though, and I think that the streak’s best chance of stopping is at twenty-seven on Sunday.  If it doesn’t end on Sunday, I literally think 50-straight losses is possible. 

If you’ve read anything I’ve blogged about for any length of time, you’d know I’m a pretty positive person.  I’m not a big sky is falling guy, and I don’t say things for effect.  I’m not saying this for effect either, but if they don’t beat the Wizards, they could easily lose their next dozen after that.  

I don’t even mean to discount to the Cavs effort in recent games either, which has been good.  Wednesday’s game was tough, but to the Cavs’ credit they’ve really exerted themselves over the last couple weeks.  They really didn’t want to approach, set, or break this record, and I’m sure they want it to end more than anyone.  I’m also sure they’re not stupid though, and they know that Sunday at home against a team that has never won a game at anybody’s home this season is their best chance to get back into the win column.  If they inevitable don’t, I think it would be pretty demoralizing. 

The team’s old “friend” LeBron James has even suggested if the Cavs don’t win Friday, the Sunday Cavs game with the woeful Wiz should be televised nationally.  You hear that, “buddies” of LeBron?  He wants everyone to watch and laugh at you.  Regardless if it is though, or if they’re laughing, everyone will be watching.  If the Cavs do drop number twenty-eight, I think it’s possible they don’t get up from that one.  I hope it doesn’t happen though, just saying I think it’s very possible.

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