Five Ways in Which the Lockout is Hurting Cleveland

The NBA lockout is about as real as it gets. There are basketball games being played by pros in other parts of the world but not in the U.S. It’s true that you can get news on the latest bets for basketball games played just about anywhere, but the reality is there are no bets presently being placed on the nonexistent 2011-2012 NBA season. The only bets that are being taken right now concern whether or not there will be a professional basketball season at all in the U.S. this year. In Cleveland the lack of a basketball season is having an effect on the team, town and fans. Here are five ways in which the lockout is affecting the Cleveland.

The Cavs Are Not Developing

The Cavaliers are a young team that needs to practice, play and develop in order to be ready and able to win. After losing LeBron James, the team was able to point to a silver lining. That was the team got the first overall draft pick after making a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Cavs also got the fourth overall draft selection. The picks resulted in the Cavs getting point guard Kyrie Irving and power forward Tristan Thompson. Both are extremely talented and both need to play in order to be ready to play at the level demanded by the NBA.

Possible Loss of Players

The Cavs could certainly lose players to other leagues in other countries. Although the NBA is the premiere basketball organization in the world and European teams don’t have the fiscal resources to compete with it, if a player can make cash by going elsewhere, they just may do that. And they could end up signing contracts for more than one year.


More Unemployment

Cleveland’s unemployment rate stands at over 17 percent! That’s almost double the U.S. average of 9.1 percent and of the state rate, which stands at 9 percent. There are thousands unemployed due to the lockout. Those include food and souvenir vendors, media personnel, security guards and police officers and many others. Local bars and restaurants that cater to Cleveland Cavalier fans are feeling the pinch. Some have already let personnel go and there are those that may have to close down their business for good.

Fewer Tax Dollars

There will be fewer tax dollars collected on all levels local, state and federal. If business is slow or nonexistent, there will be no income tax and no sales tax associated with Cavalier games, events or team members. Many cities and states are already in dire circumstances due to a lack of tax money and Cleveland and Ohio are both in dire need of any and all money they can get.

Partial Season Always a Disappointment

The NBA season lasts 82 games. If there is a partial season played that is substantially shortened this will be a disappointment in many ways. The first disappointment centers on the feeling that a shortened season will have an asterisk associated with it and will always be considered substandard. There’s also usually dissatisfaction with play in a shortened season as teams tend to be out of shape and are unable to create a cohesive unit. If the Cavaliers won a championship over the course of a 40-game season, it simply would not feel like a real championship. Plus, stats would be lack veracity and any honors achieved by players would also need that pesky asterisk designating the season as an anomaly. For More News You’ll find online sports betting news available regarding the lockout, including information related to the NBA, the season and players. But the real sports betting news these days concerns other sports on which gamblers can actually wager. The NFL lockout was settled in time so that the professional football season could be played in its entirety and sports bettors could make each and every bet possible. For Cleveland Cavalier fans as each day goes by, it’s doubtful that will happen.

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