Four Cavs Jerseys You Gotta Have

John Karalis and Jeff Garcia have been running through the NBA putting together this pretty cool jersey series on a team by team basis over at Crossover Chronicles – I imagine you’ve been checking it out daily so I won’t explain it anymore that that. 

Yesterday we featured the Cavaliers, and I offered my thoughts on the careers and jerseys of Mark Price, Craig Ehlo, Larry Nance, and Ricky Davis. 

Stop by Crossover Chronicles to check out the full post, below is my write-up on Mark Price – who I am now referring to as a “fringe Hall of Famer” by the way, as I set the stage to launch a full-blown campaign ten years from now to get him all the way into the Hall alongside Rodmania and Mully. 

More on that campaign in ten years though, for now, below is what I said about Mark Price over at CC yesterday:  

The most underrated PG of his generation, a fringe Hall of Famer, poor color commentator, quality gospel singer, and all around tremendous NBA basketball player. Mark Price was a score first PG before guys like Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose made playing that way normal.  He never missed a free throw since the age of 4 when he missed one once because someone probably moved the Nerf hoop he was shooting on, and he could step out and shoot the three with anybody in the League in his prime. Lenny Wilkens’ Cavaliers teams won because Mark Price was the PG.  #25 is a legend.

Price was the “Gotta Have” jersey, but Brad Daugherty did get some consideration at that spot as well from the committee for what that’s worth.  Criag Ehlo was the “Can’t Go Wrong With” jersey – which I couldn’t agree more on – Nance the “Oh that’s cool”, and Ricky Davis the “Oh that’s funny” because Ricky Davis was kinda funny even though he could fill it up with anybody.  

All for now, more later.


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