Fred called him Skyenga…and is my new favorite announcer of all time

I really have no idea who the first people to come up with the nicknames of Air Jordan, Broadway Joe, or The Great Bambino were.

I suppose sports history majors could research that type of thing, but the truth is nobody cares.  So while it would have been cool for our little blog here if Fred McLeod worked in a reference to the origins of the Skyenga nickname, I’m okay with the fact that he didn’t. (*See Editors Note below, he did give credit actually and I missed it) 

I simply thought it sounded cool when he went to it Wednesday, and I’m also happy for his sake that he recognized the fact that “Flying High-Enga” wasn’t working and made the proper adjustments. 

So shouts out to Freddy Mac for dropping the Skyenga reference as seen here.  Even if he didn’t get the chance to shout Stepien Rules out in the process. (*See Editors Note) 

From the FSO telecast on Wednesday against the Rockets:

We’ll be back with more on Skyenga’s night as usual, but as far as the other couple guys in the video above, Manny Harris had a big night.  With Daniel Gibson out of action tonight, Manny Harris stepped right back in and picked up where he left off prior to Mo Williams rejoining the lineup.

Harris went for 21 on 9 of 16 shooting to go along with 9 rebounds and 5 assists.  That’s an impressive line for a guy who hadn’t been getting consistent minutes over the last few and only played 26 on Wednesday.  He looks ready to go should a guy like Anthony Parker end up being dealt before the deadline.

The third guy in the picture, Jamario Moon, had one of his better outings as well scoring 11 points and grabbing 8 rebounds of his own.  He won’t be traded though.

Cavs fall 124 – 119, and here comes Melo and the Knicks on Friday.  Should be fun.

* Editors Note: I missed this initially, my mistake, but Fred did actually give credit to Stepien Rules for the nickname.  Which is AWESOME! You’re the man Fred, appreciate that! And thanks for correcting me on twitter…here’s the tweet from Fred himself:

@: @ and gave you guys credit too!

In response to my tweet:

@StepienRules: Cavs lose, but @CavsFredMcLeod used #Skyenga which is cool

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