Making peace with the first half, as midway point approaches

Heading into this season I thought the Cavaliers could win 41-games, and I thought doing so would serve as some type of statement.  In hindsight, sitting now so far removed from that theoretical reality, I really can’t put my finger on specifically what I thought that “statement” would be about. 

Maybe I thought it would be a statement about the resiliency of a city as symbolized by the grit and will of it’s professional basketball team.  Maybe it would have been a statement about a guy who claimed to not have enough help when in fact he had plenty.  Maybe it was pretty stupid to think that way. 

The raw emotion of scorned fandom, I suppose.

I’m past all that now though, and heading into game number forty-one on Wednesday, I’m accepting this rapid descent towards the bottom for what it is.  The beginning. 

The rebuilding process is underway, and I’m operating under the belief that we’re halfway through the hardest part.  That is my belief, do not convince me otherwise, it took many losses for me to get here, so just let me operate this way. 

In saying all that, when I head down to the Q tomorrow to resume my credentialed coverage of the NBA’s worst team, who enters the contest against Steve Nash and the Suns with a record that reads 8-32, I plan on having a positive outlook.  Positive Cavs tweets may return, and whatever the single most positive player, event, or moment of the game that occurs will be the one I focus on completely.

I’m not saying I expect the Cavs to win, because I expect them to lose.  In fact I’m certain they will, I’m just okay with that right now.  

I’m also okay with the fact that Kelly Dwyer’s 12-win prediction – one once laughed at by me, Cavs fans, and even Byron Scott – may have actually been too generous in retrospect.  I’ve thought about pointing out the fact that sure, the Cavs are 8-32, but that’s after a 7-9 start.  Meaning, you can’t just double those 8 wins and assume 16 is a given at this point. 

I’ve thought about mentioning that if you extrapolate the Cavaliers’ winning percentage over the last 24 games (1-23, 4.17%) for the rest of the season (42 games) that would only yield 1.75 more wins (go ahead, round that up to 2) which would finish them with 10. Obviously two less than Dwyer gave them credit for at the onset. 

As I mentioned though, that’s not my focus anymore.  My objective from here on out is to make the worst Cavaliers season in franchise history as enjoyable as possible.  This is rock bottom Cavs fans, it can only get better from here. 

This much I have both fingers crossed saying and am really hoping is true  am certain of.

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