Joe Haden dressed up like Anderson Varejao last night, and continues to be awesome

I was a big fan of Joe Haden rocking the full Cavs uniform to the game on Monday, and said as much yesterday at WFNY.   If you missed that here’s a portion of it:

Joe Haden doesn’t wear Yankee Hats…he wears full Cavs uniforms

When LeBron James wore that hat to the Indians’ game it wasn’t cool.  Cleveland definitely didn’t like it, we made a huge deal about it, and as sports fans in this town we’ll never forget it.   But just as wearing that hat represented a new level of sucktitude, on Monday night at the Cavaliers’ game, Joe Haden represented a new level of awesomeness.  

It was one thing when Haden was sitting courtside with TJ Ward wearing a Daniel Gibson jersey going crazy as the Cavs rallied back to win a few weeks ago.  But on Monday night, dude wore a complete uniform. I mean think about that for a second, he had the shorts, headband, shoes, whatever, the whole deal.  He was dressed, ready to check in and score more points than Ryan Hollins had Byron signaled him to the scorer’s table. [Read Full Post at Waiting For Next Year]

Then Joe Haden represented a new level of awesomeness again.

Joe Haden

Photo Credit: Chuck Crow / The Plain Dealer

Last night he showed up to the Cavs / Nets game dressed like Anderson Varejao, and looking like the new favorite son of Cleveland.  My boy Glenn Moore tracked him down after the game for an interview he posted with Joe Haden that can be found right here

In the video interview that you need to check out, Haden says he thinks his apparel of choice for his next Cavs game will be, “a Baron Davis uniform, complete with a Baron Davis beard.”  This guy’s great.

One other note on this I found particularly amusing in a similarly awesome way was this: 

Joe came dressed in a Cavaliers uniform to Monday’s game along with his brother Jonathan and friend Rico who were similarly decked out as Ramon Sessions and Baron Davis.  Haden was Hickson.  

Last night he appeared to be on a date though, sitting courtside opposite the scorers table with a nice young lady who was not dressed up like Nicole or a Cavaliers girl.  She was wearing normal clothes.

But just because Joe was on a date doesn’t mean Jonathan and Rico can’t come.  Which is hilariously classic.  Also dressed in Cavaliers uniforms seated near the court behind the Cavaliers bench (other side of court) were Jonathan and Rico again.  Jonathan was rocking a #23 Cavs Haden jersey, and Rico a #4 Jamison. 

Those two weren’t interrupting Joe Haden’s date though.  At opposite sides of the court, they were a respected distance away to allow Joe the privacy of that special date with that special someone.  While he was wearing an Anderson Varejao wig.  Cheering like crazy when the Cavs tied it up at the end of regulation.  

I would have loved to see that girl’s face when Haden and company swung by to pick her up for the “date”.  Keep doing your thing Joe!  You’re just about everybody in this town’s new favorite player.

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