How NBA 2K12 Ranks The Cleveland Cavaliers

In anticipation of the video games hitting stores on October 4th, the NBA 2K12 player rankings were leaked yesterday by NBA 2K12 Stuff’s channel on YouTube.  That two minute and five second video cruises through each team in the Association, and at the twenty second mark the Cavs team page pops up.  A picture of that is to the right.  

The entire list of player rankings were subsequently summarized and highlighted on a couple internet destinations from there, most notably, were each player with an overall ranking or rating of 80 or more are identified. If you were wondering, no, there are not any Cavaliers on that list of 45 players.  And yes, he is number one.

Rookies aren’t included just yet though, due to the fact that they stil aren’t signed, so maybe Kyrie Irving ends up sneaking in there past a guy like Steph Curry with an overall rating of 81 or something eventually.  But while we’ll have to wait and see where NBA 2K12 ranks Irving, as well as Tristan Thompson, they did put a number next to the name of each of the ten current Cavaliers.

Going off of that screen grab I posted, I have no idea what Baron Davis is rated.  I’m assuming he’s less than an eighty though, because I didn’t see him mentioned anywhere as being part of that group.  

With that said, Antawn Jamison comes in with an overall rating of 74, Ramon Sessions 72, Anderson Varejao 70, Anthony Parker 67, Alonzo Gee 67, Omri Casspi, Samardo Samuels and Daniel Gibson were all ranked as 61’s, and Christian Eyenga was given a 60.

Bulletin Board material, Cavaliers players.  

There’s no way Casspi, Samuels, and Gibson are only 61’s, and there’s also no way that Skyenga is only a 60.  Especially if you’re going to say that Alonzo Gee, meanwhile, is a 67 – no offense intended Alonzo.  Varejao is probably a little better than a 70 too, especially if you play with injuries off.

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