If you’re gonna lose, you might as well be the best you can at that

I stand by my take at the midway point, the hardest part of this Cavaliers’ season is over. We’ve known and accepted the fact that this team is awful.  So when you’re the undisputed worst team in the NBA, do the particulars really matter?  With the latest loss to the Nuggets, they’ve now tied the franchise mark for their longest losing streak in a season at 19-straight games without a W.  This was inevitable.  And sitting at the game last night, I really see no reason why this team won’t rally to extend this streak to new heights of pitifulness and ineptitude in the coming weeks.

Sure the 19-straight losses matches the mark posted by the Ted Stepien Era 1981-82 Cavaliers, but I’ve got my sights on much larger accomplishments in losing.  Wikipedia says it best, actually, when referencing and placing the 2010-11 Cavs’ losing streak in perspective with the others in NBA History by noting that this streak is “In Progress.”  It most certainly is.  The 24-games in a row the Cavaliers actually combined to lose when they dropped their first 5 of the subsequent 82-83 season under Stepien’s ownership is listed as the “longest losing streak in NBA History.”  For one season specifically, it’s the Vancouver Grizzlies and their 23-game losing streak that eventually got them moved out of Canada.  Deep breathe Cavs fans. 

Note: I went down to hear George Karl talk just basically because I think he’s real cool. He talks a little bit about the Cavs here, Gibson and Sessions specifically, as well as the obligatory “Melo commentary.


What I’m saying here is sure the 19-game streak is bad, and on some levels historic, but I really think the Cavaliers are well on their way to new heights on this beat-down streak.  I think 25 straight is a real possibility, and if they do manage to drop their next six in a row, that would be historic.  That would be undeniably the worst run a team has ever been on in NBA history, in one season, two seasons, whatever.  And this would be after starting the season 7-9 with a win over the NBA’s best team (Boston) to start the season.  Sure that Miami game didn’t rip their hearts out, definetely not.

In reading Bob Finann’s question yesterday regarding the possibility of finishing with also the league’s worst record overall when the season mercifully comes to a close, I gotta say I think that could be in the cards as well.  From the Morning Journal:

“The Cavaliers (8-37) need to win two of their final 37 games to elude the Philadelphia 76ers’ all-time worst record of 9-73.  Don’t laugh. It could happen. The Sixers’ black mark has stood since 1972-73. Certainly, the Cavs have it in them to win two games, don’t they?”

In answering that question you immediately think: c’mon, the Cavs have 37 games left of course they’ll win two.  But then step back and realize that – first the Cavs have only 36 tries left b/c his articled pubbed Friday morning –  the Cavs have won 1 game only out of their last 30 tries when collecting Friday’s loss in with the others.  So if that pace were to continue…

But like I said to open, none of this bothers me anymore at all.  What’s really the difference between being 20 wins bad, and 10 wins bad?  Sure there’s a little more embarassment involved for Dan Gilbert who predicted that the Cavaliers would win a ring before Miami this summer, but besides that it’s all the same.  So I’m just enjoying this for the spectacle, as well as some individual performances.

Most notably – you fill in the blank.  I think you know who’s block had me standing up on press row thinking I was at an And One expo dropping an “ohhh” on the come behind rejection like Hot Sauce just did a triple airborne somersault and dunked between his legs backwards over Escalade.  That block by the young man from the Congo known as Skyenga around these parts was awesome.  He had some other moments as well, and I’m sure we’ll get to that later.

JJ Hickson played like how I predicted he could play this summer in the Cavs Zine.  He was a beast with 22 points and 12 rebounds, but at this point I can’t help but look at performances like that and just ask, so how come you couldn’t do that when the Cavs were 7-9, or even 7-12, make a season out of this thing?  Maybe he’s playing so hard now because he wants to be traded.  Or maybe he “gets it” now…for a couple games only until he forgets he “got it” already and reverts back to what we saw for most of the season.

Otherwise, Sessions posted some numbers, Antawn too, and Gibson added a spark like Coach Karl said in the video I took above.  Sneaky play by Boobie on that come from behind steal / three pointer.

Nothing sneaky about the Cavs though.  They’re the worst team in the world, and everybody sees them coming these days.

Another note: I went into the Denver locker room after the game, skipped the Cavs stuff, and was going to ask Carmelo Anthony the hard hitting questions necessary for him to break down and admit he was demanding a trade.  I was then going to sell him on Cleveland, and see if he’d add the Cavs to his list of teams to be traded too.  I was pretty pumped about this, however it turned out that Anthony did not enter the shower until just about every player from the game was showered, dressed and out of there.  He wouldn’t take questions while sitting at his locker postgame until after he showered he said, and I didn’t feel like waiting for him. So I just left my card at his locker with a note to “call me about all the trade stuff” when he had a chance, and I’ll break that news for you right after he hits me up on the bberry.

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