Before Jimmer there was Austin Carr…who dropped sixty-one in the tournament

Below is a video with all sixty-one of the points Austin Carr scored as a member of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish just over 40 years ago.  It came in a first round match-up with Ohio University, and the record still stands.   

Oh and for those wondering, YouTube did not stream videos online in color until the early ’80s, which is why this highlight clip is in black and white.

AC had some serious game back then as the video clearly illustrates.  In seven NCAA tournament games he averaged 41.3 points per game.  Averaged.  Six times – to date – a player has gone for 50 + points in a single tournament game and Austin Carr did that himself  three times.  He averaged 34.6 points per game for his career at ND, and 36.5 during the 1970 season as NBC’s graphics clearly indicated with cutting edge technology for it’s time.  

Oh and I counted four three pointers in there.  So his record is 61, that won’t be broken, but I got him at 65 assuming that three-point line.  Beat that Jimmer.

Hat Tip: YouTube / awasiele

Brendan Bowers

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