Joe Tait Sweater Book Contest!

Joe Tait: It's Been a Real Ball by Terry Pluto and Joe TaitFirst off, Happy Thanksgiving all around.  I hope everyone has a really great holiday.

I also hope that some of you are related to people cool enough to be celebrating this festive occasion while wearing the types of sweaters that Cleveland Cavaliers Hall of Fame Announcer Joe Tait made famous.  Or maybe even you’re fashion forward enough to be breaking one of those sweaters out yourself today.  Check that, hopefully you’re fashion forward enough to be wearing a Joe Tait sweater today.

If you do, or know somebody who does, you can additionally capitalize on that today by winning a copy of Terry Pluto and Joe Tait’s new book It’s been a real ball.

We have three copies of Joe Tait’s new book to giveaway, and we wanted to have the contest on Thanksgiving because of  how thankful we are for what Joe’s career has meant to so many Cavaliers fans.

So here’s how you can win to be clear:

Tweet a picture of you or someone you see wearing a Joe Tait style sweater to me (@StepienRules) or Cleveland Jackson (@WayneEmbrysKids) and include the hastag #JoeTaitBookContest.

If I have to describe what I mean by a Joe Tait sweater to you there is no way you are qualified to win this contest.  You do want to win this contest though, because this book is awesome. 

The contest will run until the close of business tomorrow.  We will select our favorite sweaters, and announce the winners from there.

So, tweet @ us your pictures of Joe Tait sweaters for a chance to win starting now….GO!

If you think you will lose for sure and want a book, here’s where you go to buy one.

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