Skyenga will not be worried about passing JR Bremer tonight, because he already did

The Cavaliers had that game last night. They came out with a mission and seemed like they were going to accomplish it.  But in the end, they lost again.  That is now 23 in a row and now they are going for 24 tonight.  Not a good thing for the Cavaliers to shoot for as they prepare to tip it up against Portland in a couple hours. 

Christian Skyenga had another stat filler of a night, scoring 10 points to go with 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals and another 2 blocked shots.  He did all that in 36 minutes of action.  The 10 points passes another group of ex-Cavaliers and moves him into 195th place:

Rank Player Years G Pts Avg
195 Christian Eyenga 2010-11 14 114 8.1
196 J.R. Bremer 2003-04 31 110 3.5
Greg Dreiling 1994-95 58 110 1.9
198 John Egan 1970-71 26 105 4.0

Johnny Egan was an expansion draft pick of the Cavaliers in 1970.  He began the year with the Cavaliers, before being traded for a 3rd Round Pick in December of 1970.  Egan was a journeyman point guard who maxed out at 13.0 ppg and 5.4 apg in the 1963-64 season which he split between the Pistons and Knicks.  He was out of the League after the 1971-72 season.

Greg Dreiling was a 7′-1″ career back-up center.  He was drafted by the Pacers out of Kansas.  He spent seven years with the Pacers before moving on to the Mavericks and then the Cavaliers in the 1994-95 season.  He backed up Hot Rod Williams who was the starting Center for the Cavaliers.  The final game of the season, Mike Fratello gave Hot Rod the night off and hitched the wagon to Dreiling.  He played 41 minutes, went 3-8 from the field, grabbed 11 rebounds and scored 6 points.  Despite the great effort by Dreiling, the Cavaliers lost to the Hornets 72-97.  Dreiling was out of the league in 1995-96 before ending his career with the Mavericks in 1996-97.  He currently is a head scout with the Mavericks.

J.R. Bremer is a native Clevelander, having graduated from Cleveland Heights High.  He signed as an undrafted rookie out of St. Bonaventure with the Celtics.  His rookie year, he played 64 games (starting 41) scoring 8.3 points per game.  He was named to the  2nd Team All-Rookie Squad.  He was traded to the Cavaliers in the 2003 offseason with Bruno Sundov and a 2nd Round Pick for Jumaine Jones.  The Cavaliers were looking for a point guard for LeBron’s rookie team.  Bremer was never a good fit and didn’t get much of a chance with the Cavaliers.  He was released in March of 2004 when the Cavaliers signed Lee Nailon and caught on with the Warriors for the rest of the season.  He was drafted by the Bobcats in their expansion draft, but never caught on with them.  He has played in Europe since then and is now on the Bosnian National Team.

Hopefully the Cavaliers can avoid their 24th straight loss tonight.  One thing I know they can’t avoid, is an inspired and active performace from our man Skyenga!

Brendan Bowers

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