Kyrie Irving: “I’m just looking forward to getting to Cleveland”

After a screening of the HBO Documentary A Perfect Season, Dime Magazine caught up with Cavs PG Kyrie Irving.  If you didn’t see the hoops doc earlier this week, it’s very well done and I recommend checking it out. It takes you through this past season at St. Patrick’s HS in New Jersey’s – Kyrie’s former school – and all that went into their quest to go undefeated.  

If you watch it, you might realize that the Cavaliers now employ – or will employ as soon as this Lockout ends – two players hailing from that Triangle they’re talking about with St. Pat’s, St. Anthony’s and St. Benedict’s.  

Along with Kyrie being from St. Pat’s, Samardo Samuels is also a product of St. Benedict’s.  Samardo played his HS ball for the current Wagner College Coach, Danny Hurley, who also makes an appearance in the documentary alongside his brother Bobby.

Anyways, Kyrie mentioned to Dime that he thinks Duke would’ve gone undefeated and won the National Championship last season if he hadn’t been hurt, and I didn’t see too many people lining up to disagree with him.  As far as what he had to say about the Cavaliers, those excerpts are as follows:

Dime: Given that you and LeBron James are friends, how was it going to Cleveland, knowing that people were going to say you were following in his footsteps as they rebuild their team?

Kyrie Irving: Definitely, I think those comments will be inevitable about trying to follow in LeBron’s footsteps, but honestly, I think we bring two different things to the table. We both bring a winning attitude, but at the same time, we’re two very different players. Being drafted by Cleveland will give experience in being part of a rebuilding team, and it’ll give me more experience that I need to be a superstar in the NBA – which I can see myself being. You know, I don’t say that arrogantly, but that’s kind of the plateau I set for myself right now. Being drafted No. 1, it comes with a lot of pressure, but I’m just looking forward to getting to Cleveland and incorporating my game into their system.

Dime: I recently took a trip to Cleveland, and everyone I talked to is really excited to have you playing for the Cavs. Have you spent some time there to gauge the reaction of the fans?

Kyrie Irving: Absolutely. When you walk around Cleveland, having everyone recognize your face and you haven’t played an NBA game, it just shows you how much they pay attention to their sports teams. It’s a really great fan town, I’m looking forward to getting started there.

Getting back to HBO’s A Perfect Season, Kyrie is not in it at all to clarify.  It features Kentucky recruit Micheal Gilchrist, as well as few other D-I players.  And not to ruin the ending, but they don’t go undefeated thanks to Old Man Hurley.

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