Latest at Crossover Chronicles: Cavs one season removed, a rebuild in progress

I’ve been on board with the NBA collaborative blog Crossover Chronicles since we launched the site almost two weeks ago as mentioned previously here on Stepien Rules.  To keep you up to speed with the happenings over there, below are excerpts and links to my latest in basketball bloggings.

The first post, which went up yesterday, is a state of the Cavaliers nation sort of, now one regular season removed from the LeBron James era.  I’d recommend you read the whole thing and tell everyone you know how awesome it was, but then again I’m biased because I wrote it.  So instead I just offered a sampling below, and you can decide how far you want to go with it from there.  

After the jump I also linked to our weekly NBA Roundtable post, which I weighed in on this week as well. 

Cleveland Cavaliers: One Season Removed, A Rebuild In Progress:

Even the exciting times of the LeBron James era in Cleveland were laced with the underlying inevitable fear of betrayal. Or maybe more appropriately the underlying fear of departure. In any case, there is a calming nature to the whole win or he’ll leave thing being over. Even if that means it is actually all over, and there’s currently no winning.

If you asked me last August I’d have called LeBron’s decision to depart all kinds of betrayal. A betrayal against his hometown, his family, his friends, and most importantly a betrayal against himself. In making the decision he did, however it turns out a decade from now, he chose to not be the “Chosen One” anymore. While he had those words inked across his back, he didn’t want that responsibility on his shoulders. He couldn’t carry that, didn’t have the heart to try, so he bounced.

But almost a year removed from the day LeBron sat behind that postgame podium talking about how he’s spoiled Cleveland with his brilliance throughout his time as a Cavalier, it doesn’t really feel like betrayal anymore. Just a departure. I suppose time is the biggest ingredient in this healing process, but coming to a realization of truths have also been paramount for Cavs fans this season…

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Roundtable: Last Hurrah for Spurs, Lakers, Celtics:

Every week, our staff will gather to discuss a hot topic of the week. The San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have been some of the most dominant teams of the last decade. Now that their teams feature players who are in the twilight of their NBA careers, is it safe to say that this will be the end of their dominance in the NBA?

I don’t expect these three teams to combine for 83% of the NBA championships over the next dozen years like they have over the last dozen – in winning 10 of the last 12 – so I guess in that respect yes.  It is the end of their collective three-team dominance in the NBA.  However, I don’t think these teams are finished being contenders anytime soon either.  This year may be the last season that these three teams are favorites heading into the playoffs, but they’ll still be heard from over the next two or three seasons to be sure, especially Boston and LA.  Ray, KG, and Paul may be getting old out in Boston, but they’re not that old.  And more importantly they still have Rondo… [Read Full Post at Crossover Chronicles]

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